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Alessi Speeds Up Model-Making

cathy/Editor  From:3D Systems  Hit:  2011-2-18

Alessi Speeds Up Model-Making and Saves 70% of Cost
In the early 1990s, Alessi’s designers switched from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional design process using plastic prototypes to obtain a more realistic view of the complex parts that make up its innovative designs. As the demand for Alessi’s products continues to grow, so did the designer’s need for a faster, more reliable way to create plastic prototypes. “At the end of 2004, we began to explore the various options for an in-house rapid prototyping system,” says Cristiano Colosio, CAD Manager at Alessi (Crusinalli, Italy). “We evaluated systems such as Object Eden, Prodigy Plus, Dimension, and Zprinter 310 Plus, but what impressed us with the 3D Systems’3D Printer was the high quality of the prototype’s form and the ease od cleaning the parts compared to the competing systems.”

Alessi looked for a system that was cost effective - both in terms of the initial investment and on-going maintenance. Alessi also required a solution that was simple to operate, automatic, non-restrictive, and compatible with its existing offive environment. The 3D Printer from 3D Systems also met the company’s stringent quality requirements for models, Surface finish, and most importantly, producing the minute details that make the Alessi designs, renowned by consumers around the world.

In the first nine months after the installation of the 3D Printer, Alessi created more than 600 prototypes of all sizes, ranging from small model teaspoons to large 150mm teapots. To date, the 3D Systems Printer has logged approximately 3,000 hours of operation, or an average of 15-16 hours per day. “The 3D Printer fully met our expectations immediately,” says Mauro Casalino, Model/Prototype Manager at Alessi.” And the VisiJet(R) Material

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