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Using motion capture to improve technique & prevent injuries

frank/Editor  From:qualisys  Hit:  2014-10-22

A complete Running Analysis solution

Using motion capture to improve technique & prevent injuries

Increasing performance and decreasing injuries. These are what runners, professional and amateur, hope to accomplish. With Qualisys* complete full-body running analysis solution you can create your own running analysis lab and help runners at all skill-levels improve their technique.

Poor techniques still negatively affect runners

Estimates show that nearly 70% of runners eventually become injured and 50% get injured each year. While many of their injuries will appear minor, they can become more serious over time if not properly treated. Even the smallest deviation from good technique can cause injury or otherwise decrease running performance.

In the mid-1970s, a poll revealed that 60% reported chronic problems. More than 30 years later, another poll revealed that 66% of respondents had suffered an injury in 2009. So while the running industry has evolved, running techniques have not.

Runners get to hear that their injuries are caused by running. That*s not a very helpful analysis. After all, that*s what runners do: run. So then, what does cause injuries in runners? It is certainly more complicated than simply picking the right shoe.

Running*s 65-%-injury and 10-%-absence rates could be significantly lower if runners knew more about the actual causes of injuries and made a few simple adjustments in their training schedules. In fact, reseARCh suggests that running injuries could be cut by around 25%.

The most common injuries
There are many types of injuries that can occur to a runner, but there are some that are more common than others. The five anatomical &hotspots* for running injuries are:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome PFSS
  • Iliotibial
  • Jumper knee
  • Meniscus
  • Achilles tendon tendinopathy
  • Traditional analysis methods 每 Why is motion capture better?

    Video analysis and why it isn*t enough

    This method involves recording your movement patterns while you walk and/or run to scientifically determine excessive or atypical movement patterns.

    Video analysis generally focuses on a part of the body, usually the lower body, and typically only from one or two viewpoints. By only looking at the subject from the front, back or side, you won*t capture the full depth of the movements, and since rotations are not properly recorded you miss out on a lot of information.

    While it is an upgrade to observation without technology, it can be considered a half-truth to the full-body 3D analysis* full-truth.

    The solution: A complete running analysis-package

    Qualisys offers a complete running analysis solution that includes everything needed to set up a running analysis lab.

    The Motion capture system
    Qualisys Running analysis is powered by an advanced optical motion capture system for gathering accurate movement data. The mocap system consists of a number of Oqus cameras, typically around 8 to 12 cameras depending on the size and design of the lab. Measurements are made in 400 fps with sub-millimeter accuracy.

    The analysis
    Qualisys Running analysis comes with an advanced Visual3D pipeline that performs full-body analysis of the captured motion data. With feedback stemming from the analysis, you can isolate problem areas and pick up small nuances. Parameters such as pelvis height, knee angles, elbow and wrist path and more are calculated. In total, over 15 key parameters are calculated presented in the final report.

    Included in the Running analysis-solution

  • Full-body analysis using motion capture technology
  • 8每12 motion capture cameras (varies with lab size).
  • Qualisys Track Manager software with PAF Running package.
  • Web-based report with a coach*s feedback & training advice
  • Web-based booking system

    Web report

    The results of the analysis can be published on the web, for increased accessability and easy sharing. The web report follows html5 standards and works on most standard-complient browsers and devices.

    The report contains basic parameters as well as more in-depth results in form of plotted timeseries and tabular data. In addition, the report can contain observations, recommendations and training advice from a running expert. The report can even include a personal exercise schedule.

    Salming RunLAB 每 Qualisys powered running analysis

    Salming is a Swedish brand that makes running shoes and other sports wear. Since 2014, Salming offers a running assessment service in their Salming Running Store, a concept store located in Askim, Sweden.

  • One day a week, customers can besides buying new shoes, get a full-body running analysis complete with recommendations and training advice.

    The store is equipped with a Rodby treadmill and an Qualisys camera system with eight Oqus cameras. In a close collaboration with Salming, Qualisys have worked to improve the solution so it fits closely with Salming*s Vision of the perfect Running Store.

    Natural running

    Salming promotes Natural Running, an holistic approach with less focus on foot landings than traditional running techniques

    Traditional foot landing analysis is over simplistic and an outdated approach. We believe in a more holistic approach with a Full Body Running Analysis (Salming Full Body Running Analysis 每 RunLab powered by Qualisys) is more adequate. What happens at foot landing can normally derived from somewhere else and should be corrected at the source.

    Salming RunLAB information

  • Name: Salming RunLAB
  • Location: Askim, Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Cameras: 8 Oqus 3+
  • Software: QTM, Visual3D, Running analysis webapp (with reports & booking)
  • Project automation: Running Performance PAF
  • External devices: 2 HD video cameras, 80∪ tv screen, Rodby treadmill, RL 2500E

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