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Gait analysis & Rehabilitation

frank/Editor  From:qualisys  Hit:  2014-10-22

Gait analysis & Rehabilitation

Gait specialists all over the world rely on Qualisys’ leading motion capture techology. With tools built specifically for gait analysis, we offer the perfect gait solution.

Built for gait
The human gait has traditionally been studied subjectively through visual observations. By combining advanced measurement technology and biomechanical modeling, human gait can now be measured objectively. Gait analysis reseARCh and development is an ongoing activity, with new models and methods continually evolving. Today, physiotherapists, orthopedists and neurologists all use gait analysis to evaluate a patient’s status, treatment and rehabilitation.

Qualisys Motion Capture System
Qualisys offers an end-user gait analysis product that can be used for clinical, as well as reseARCh studies. Users can choose to run standard protocols or develop their own methods and routines. All components, both hardware and software, are designed to give the user a complete package – from data capture to analysis.

Built for you
Users can define their own marker configuration or use an already implemented standard setup such as Helen Hayes or 6DOF (Six Degrees of Freedom). Once the marker setup is defined, kinematic and kinetic calculations can be performed and standard parameters such as joint angles, moments and power can be reported. Other typical gait parameters are speed, stride length, step length and time, stance and swing phase.

Reporting and visualization
One of the system’s key functions are the presentation of the parameters. The results can be saved and reported in standard or customized graph layouts. Comparisons can be made between different patients and groups. Several different visualization alternatives may be chosen from. The motion data can be applied to skeletons, mannequins or user-defined animations.

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