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Sports science

frank/Editor  From:qualisys  Hit:  2014-10-22

Sports science

Analyse. Improve. Prevent. Qualisys motion capture systems are ideal for performance improvement and injury prevention. Perfect golf swings, spear throws or any other movement of your liking.

Capture the action
Motion capture is the prefered analysis method in a wide range of sports applications in research, rehabilitation, physical education and practice. Physical limitations and movement optimisation are of great interest to athletes, coaches, reseARChers and doctors. Motion capture allows us to learn more about injury mechanisms and prevention. It can also be used to improve a player’s technique for better results in various sports applications.

Qualisys Motion Capture System
In addition to biomechanical studies, motion capture can be used to show how external, psychological factors affect balance, movement ability and performance. Using motion capture, custom fitting of sports equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets and skis can be improved.

Examples of sports where Qualisys motion capture system is used today include track and field, golf, cricket, baseball, tennis, skiing, dance, soccer, martial arts, fencing, rowing and gymnastics.

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