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We provide the best tools for measuring horse movements both indoor and outdoor. Using our sequence coded active markers, horse tracking is taken to a whole new level.

Our workhorse 每 Does horse work
The use of horses for advanced athletics, such as races and other sporting competitions, can involve extreme physical exertion and result in horse lameness. Lameness and poor performance are commonly related to problems in the distal limbs and in the back. Measuring the kinematics of the distal limb joints and the spine provides a new understanding of the movement and origin as well as possible causes for dysfunction.

Qualisys Motion Capture System
Qualisys has developed special analysis software for equine kinematics, in cooperation with reseARCh laboratories in Sweden and Holland. The first projects focused on analysing distal limb motion and problems associated with the horse*s back, using skin markers.

Distal Limb Analysis
Distal limb analysis uses a model of four connected rigid bodies with limited degrees of freedom for each joint. The model computes 6DOF movement of the cannon bone as well as six angular motion patterns of the distal joints.

Back Analysis
Back analysis includes a method for estimating the 3D movement of the vertebral column. Collected data shows the angular motion patterns of six vertebrae and the axial rotation. The analysis software divides the data into individual strides and computes mean curves and Standard Deviation curves for the set of strides.

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