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Qualisys: Swimming

frank/Editor  From:Qualisys  Hit:  2015-1-29

Qualisys: Swimming

Motion capture of swimmers has never been better. Combining our groundbreaking underwater cameras with a land-based system, over and underwater motion can be combined into a single motion capture.

A real challenge

Capturing a swimmer*s motion underwater is not an easy task. When a swimmer jumps in, thousands of tiny bubbles create an explosion of reflective spheres 每 not unlike the markers meant to be tracked by the cameras.

Underwater Oqus cameras in a pool.

Not only that, the water Surface acts like a mirror, reflecting so much light its brightness easily gets treated like a wall of giant markers. These two phenonema are the greatest obstacles we face, making underwater motion capture a real challenge.

Active filtering

Luckily, Qualisys* cameras house state-of-the-art hardware making underwater motion capture easier than ever. By taking Qualisys* active filtering technology for outdoor motion capturing into the pool, underwater captures can be improved dramatically.

A swimmer with a full body marker setup.

Active filtering is a hardware operation built into the Oqus cameras which greatly reduces unwanted reflections. By using it underwater, reflections from bubbles and other objects are effectivly minimised.

Combining under and over-water

By merging together data from a land-based and an underwater system, a combined motion capture can be made. This is useful when you are interested in tracking both the dive-in and the swimming part.

High-speed video

Just like our land-based Oqus cameras, the Oqus Underwater cameras can also be equipped with high-speed video, turning them into perfect underwater recording devices.

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