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Qualisys:Sound & Motion

frank/Editor  From:Qualisys  Hit:  2015-1-29

Sound & Motion

Create original sound from motion, invent new instruments and discover how music influences the human body. Qualisys motion capture systems are ideal for motion-dependent music applications.

Sound & Music reseARCh

Qualisys offers a complete solution for high-end sound applications for reseARChers, a system with synchronized sound and kinematics. It is based on the QTM software and the Oqus cameras with integrated support for Open Sound Control, a protocol commonly used to communicate with multimedia devices.


Oqus cameras have the ability to receive a hardware synchronization signal of any frequency (up to 50 kHz) and have its internal clock locked-on to the external source. The external clock source frequency can be either higher or lower than the desired motion capture frequency. The Oqus camera can also time-stamp its capture with the SMPTE signal. In addition to the ability to synchronize to an external source, the Oqus system is also capable of synchronizing any external equipment at a frequency independent of the motion capture frequency.

Data format

Qualisys Track Manager, QTM, has native support for streaming data over Open Sound Control. The stream of identified 3D data, 6DOF data and/or analog data can be packaged in OSC messages for transport over UDP/IP to an OSC aware software such as Max/MSP/Jitter. Besides the OSC stream, QTM also has several ways of feeding data to external applications for processing, such as Matlab.

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