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Exotic Displays
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We focus on China,based on China and serve China   
Welcome to the biggest 3D/VR product distributor in Great, one of leading network distributors of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Visual Simulation software&hardware in Asia, we aim to make SouVR the most comprehensive production, most reasonable price and most timely services VR product on-line supermarket.

With over 10 years of experience in business, our core team of SouVR serves a base of more than 1,000 customers in fields including research&development, education, automation, aerospace, military, medicine, oil and gas, digital art, broadcast, and security, etc.

As a Chinese enterpriser we based upon China and serve VR customers all around the world, we’ve built good relations with the excellent software and hardware manufacturers doing well in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Visual Simulation. Availing ourselves of rich sales and promotion experience in our local market, good relationship built with our clients, mature sales network and perfect flow system in sales. We can cooperate very well hand in hand to explore the Chinese market with tremendous potential. We’re working at supplying the Chinese clients with all series software and hardware in the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Visual Simulation with a high quality and reasonable price.

Our transparent price of the product, objective comparison of technology and expert pro-sales and after sales service will provide more opportunities.

Here's what you can expect from SouVR and our comprehensive range of products and services:
Ø Fast, Expert localization Technical Support With SouVR
Our technical team and panelists from colleges are regularly or irregularly trained by manufacturers to give you the expert support and system proposal you need urgently with free of charge.
We also offer onsite training, system integration and maintenance contracts for your task or project needs. Currently you can count on our wide partner and know-how network throughout Chinese area(including Mainland China, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, China Macao).
Ø SouVR products to satisfy all your needs:
We distribute a broad range of hundreds products from more than 100 original manufacturers–with a great amount products and available for meeting the orders of various users. Our product lines include:
²  stereoscopic 3D
²  data gloves
²  eye tracking
²  head-mounted displays
²  haptic devices
²  3d input devices
²  exotic displays
²  motion captures
²  position tracing devices
²  tracking systems
²  force feedback devices
²  3d scanners
²  3d printers
²  Projection
²  VR software
²  3d graphics cards
²  wearable computing
At SouVR customer requirements are top priority. We’ll work closely with manufacturers on prototyping and changing to adapt the products to our customers' needs.
Ø What We Can Do
SouVR exhibits regularly at trade shows and academic exhibitions every year, besides, designedly hold the new products shows and software&hardware exhibitions all over Chinese area.You’re also invited to visit our VR products showroom located in Beijing and can experience the latest VR products and technique which are from Europe and America.From 2009 onwards we’ll hold the “Chinese VR international summit” every single year, at the appointed time we will invite the global well-known VR manufacturers with the Chinese virtual reality industry experts and Chinese clients together, share the newest scientific and technical profit in field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Visual Simulation.
Ø Comprehensive,Stand-Out Service
Last but not least, as an SouVR customer you'll enjoy our comprehensive and localization services. We offer the latest products information and development of VR technology application. Our newsletter will give you updates about new products, new technique and new application and discontinued products.

And maintenance-contract customers get VIP treatment with access to our special FAQ-site, available to our services with time and person fixed.

If you'd like further details about SouVR's products or services, please feel free to contact us.
Ø Our sevice principle,open,fair,reasonable,localization
“One body with two wings” interactive business pattern
We own the biggest 3D/VR products show&sales platform in China, rely on fast-growing 3D/VR market and take advantage of the good relationship with global manufactures. We provide more products and services with a reasonable price and excellent quality for clients by means of constantly strengthening and expanding strategic partnertship with globle manufactures. Moreover, SouVR will also give manufactures the feedback of clients’ using information, so as to optimize production and improve technology, make it well interact and develop together thus to promote the progress of the whole industry.
Your success is our success!
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