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Variability Of Selected Kinematic Indicators  
Throwing events in track and field (shot put, hammer throw, javelin throw and discus throw) have been the subject of a number of studies (Ariel, 1979; Bartonietz, 1996; Lanka, 2000; Marhold, 1973). Good performance in mentioned track and field competitions are mainly determined by the athete’s technique than the tactics. The most popular method in analysing technique, especially during competitions (but also during training sessions) has been video motion analysis (qualitative and quantitative).
RIF e.V. – Institute for Research and Transfer applies MVN BIOMECH  
The RIF e.V. – Institute for research and transfer in Dortmund was established in 1990 to contribute to interdisciplinary and industry-related research. A current research project carried out by RIF is MANUSERV. The idea of this project is to develop systematics allowing enterprises to analyse manual work processes in order to derive a suitable level of automation based on their specific requirements and targets. Thus, especially solutions that include service robotics supporting humans in hybrid work systems need to be taken into account.
TubeInspect HD at Robert Bosch GmbH  
A small electric motor, the so-called starter, starts the combustion engine of a vehicle. The company Robert Bosch manufactures, among other components for automotive equipment, about 8.5 million starter armatures at its plant in Hildesheim (Germany).
3D Quality inspection and race car dimension measurement in Formula 1  
Exciting overtaking maneuvers, best lap times, enthusiastic fans and cutting edge technology on the race track: that’s Formula 1™. This is where product quality is measured in milliseconds!
Precision casting: The third dimension of turbine wheels  
Quality control as a metrological challenge: The quality of precision casting products down to the minute micrometer can only be accomplished through the components’ third dimension. A leading manufacturer in the metal processing industry, in its 300 years of corporate history the company Zollern has developed and perfected a broad spectrum of metal treatment and processing techniques in which high standard requirements with regard to integral quality inspections have always played a significant role: Thanks to the high precision three-dimensional scan data generated by the stereoSCAN molds wax templates and finished cast parts are inspected with the necessary efficiency and accuracy.
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The use of horses for advanced athletics, such as races and other sporting competitions, can involve extreme physical exertion and result in horse lameness. Lameness and poor performance are commonly related to problems in the distal limbs and in the back. Measuring the kinematics of the distal limb joints and the spine provides a new understanding of the movement and origin as well as possible causes for dysfunction.
MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Capture motion during MRI scans using Qualisys’ highend MRI motion capture camera, Oqus MRI. Being completely shielded, the Oqus MRI camera is one of a kind.
Sports science  
Analyse. Improve. Prevent. Qualisys motion capture systems are ideal for performance improvement and injury prevention. Perfect golf swings, spear throws or any other movement of your liking.
Gait analysis & Rehabilitation  
The human gait has traditionally been studied subjectively through visual observations. By combining advanced measurement technology and biomechanical modeling, human gait can now be measured objectively. Gait analysis research and development is an ongoing activity, with new models and methods continually evolving. Today, physiotherapists, orthopedists and neurologists all use gait analysis to evaluate a patient’s status, treatment and rehabilitation.
A complete Running Analysis solution  
Increasing performance and decreasing injuries. These are what runners, professional and amateur, hope to accomplish. With Qualisys’ complete full-body running analysis solution you can create your own running analysis lab and help runners at all skill-levels improve their technique.
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What is the coverage of a B422 Radar ?  
What is the coverage of a B422 Radar ?
What is the power draw of the B422?  
What is the power draw of the B422?
What is MTBF of the blighter Radar ?  
What is MTBF of the blighter Radar ?
Is the Blighter B402 marine compliant ?  
Is the Blighter B402 marine compliant ?
What is the operating frequency of the Blighter Radar  
What is the operating frequency of the Blighter Radar
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Usability Applications  
Eye tracking has been used to collect data to look broadly at the information seeking process and the interaction with electronic information sources.
The research community has long realized that integrating eye movement information with physiological data, such as brain imaging (fMRI), MEG and EEG, helps identify the functional brain structures responsible for attention, cognition and behavior. ASL is pleased to provide researchers with a powerful synchronization tool to use with brain imaging equipment provided by leading neurophysiology companies.
Military and Civilian Armed Forces  
Military and civilian armed forces researchers have come to depend on ASL’s diverse line of products to meet a myriad of study parameters including
Market Research Eye Tracking Glasses  
Marketing professionals rely heavily upon marketing research to garner insights into customer opinions and behavior. Conducting a market research study based solely on asking participants to explain why they did or did not engage with a branding message or environment is unscientific and inaccurate.
Test report documents suitability of TubeInspect  
Quality demands on tube manufacturing in the aerospace industry are considerably more stringent than in other industrial sectors. In order to determine the suitability of the optical tube measuring system TubeInspect for this sector, PFW Aerospace AG carried out an extensive measurement system analysis.
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