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World's biggest holographic screen is for your eyes only

IMAGINE playing an online game, only for the monsters you are battling to jump out of the screen and float in the air before you. That is the promise of an eye-tracking computer screen that generates a three-dimensional holographic video that only you can see. At 50 centimetres across, the prototype screen, developed by SeeReal in Dresden, Germany, is the largest holographic video display ever built.

Holograms recreate all the light that would come from an object if it were really in front of you. A Surface, or screen, diffracts light shone onto it to generate waves that interfere with each other to create the 3D effect. However, it takes considerable processing power to calculate how a screen should diffract light to produce a moving hologram viewable from any angle.

SeeReal's black-and-white prototype makes the calculations simple enough for an ordinary computer by using twin webcams to track the viewer's ...

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