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Point Grey Research Launches 12 Megapixel Ladybug3 Spherical Digital Video System

Point Grey ReseARCh Inc., a world leader of advanced imaging products, today announced the launch of the Ladybug®3 high performance 360-degree spherical digital video system.

The Ladybug3 spherical digital video system, designed and manufactured by Point Grey ReseARCh, is a complete hardware and software package that delivers 12 Megapixels of high resolution 360-degree visual coverage. It uses six high quality 1600x1200 Sony® CCD's-five CCDs positioned in a horizontal ring and one positioned vertically-to cover more than 80 percent of a full sphere.

"The high resolution Ladybug3 joins the highly affordable Ladybug2 as part of Point Grey's family of spherical digital video systems," says Vladimir Tucakov, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey ReseARCh. "Like our other imaging and stereo Vision products, the Ladybug3 has been designed to meet different application needs than the Ladybug2. It is an ideal solution, for example, for applications that require very high resolution, a weather-resistant case, direct FireWire connection, or the ability to synchronize to external devices such as an external trigger or light source. The Ladybug2, on the other hand, is an excellent choice where smaller size, lower cost, or the ability to have the camera run over long distances via optical cable is required."

"By broadening our Ladybug product line, we expect to penetrate some new and exciting market and industry segments," adds Tucakov. "We are seeing increasing demand for this type of system, for example, from customers within the GIS (geographical information system) industry for location-based visualizations, street-level viewing, and geographical mapping. We expect that applications in the surveillance and security industries will also benefit from the Ladybug3 system. We are also excited at how aggressively we have been able to price the Ladybug3, in light of its substantial increase in performance."

The Ladybug3 camera is pre-calibrated to enable high quality spherical image stitching. Lens settings, such as focus and IRIS, are fixed to ensure the camera stays calibrated. The camera uses an embedded JPEG compression engine and fast 800Mbit/s IEEE-1394b (FireWire) interface to stream full 12 MP images at 15 FPS, or raw uncompressed images at just under 7 FPS, to the host system. The user can adjust the JPEG compression rate on-the-fly to balance image quality against frame rate. Camera parameters, such as gain, shutter, white balance and gamma, can also be adjusted through software to find the right match for the surrounding environment. To meet the requirements of complex imaging scenes, the camera can also be configured to operate in a special high dynamic range mode, which continuously cycles through a series of camera shutter and gain settings.

Point Grey ReseARCh has designed the Ladybug3 to make getting started with spherical video as simple as possible. Each system comes complete with a Ladybug3 camera, a license of the Ladybug software development kit (SDK), and all the hardware needed to get the camera running. Accessories include FireWire interface cards for both laptop and desktop PC's, a FireWire cable, and desktop camera mount.

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