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MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG)(TM) Now "Mersive Enabled"

Mersive Technologies, an emerging display technology company that is redefining the ease with which ultra resolution, multi-projector displays can be designed, announced today that its Mersive Sol(TM) Server is now fully supported in version 5.4 of MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG)(TM), a state-of-the-art, real-time 3D computer image generator (IG). The "Mersive Enabled" VRSG will allow VRSG IG users to improve the visual quality of their displays while reducing ongoing maintenance expenses.

The Mersive Sol Server is a camera-based solution for automatically calibrating multi-projector display systems. Displays utilizing the Sol Server can be flat, n-gons, cylindrical or spherical. Complex display systems can be calibrated in as little as one minute per channel. A single 1-unit Mersive Sol Server can serve an unlimited number of VRSG channels in a display.

The VRSG 5.4 now receives parameters from the Mersive Sol Server and then uses the calibration solution to apply proper warping, blending, and color correction in the blend regions to images being generated by the IG. The solution, which broadens projection options available to customers, is agnostic to "downstream" projection.

"Higher resolution display requirements, achieved by clustering multiple projectors, are driving the need for the Mersive Sol Server solution," says Garth Smith, president of MetaVR. "Support for the Sol Server in VRSG 5.4 solves many existing display issues for our customers and enables a new generation of displays to emerge."

A combination of the MetaVR VRSG and the Mersive Sol Server was recently chosen by Lockheed Martin for the Prototype JTAC Training Rehearsal System (TRS), a series of dome simulators. A portable Interim JTAC TRS will be on display at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Fla., November 26 - 29. The Mersive Sol Server also will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC in the MetaVR booth (#1901).

A JTAC is the link between the Army and the Air Force when combat requires the aid of close air support. JTACs are expected to maintain situational awareness, know the supported unit's plans, and validate and prosecute targets of opportunity. The I-JTAC TRS Proof-of-Concept Dome, built by Lockheed Martin, offers a high fidelity, realistic, fully Immersive, real-time visual environment with sensor, simulator, and database correlation.

"We're delighted to see seamless support for the Sol Server in the MetaVR VRSG image generator," says Randall Stevens, president/CEO of Mersive Technologies. "Support for Mersive's innovative auto-calibration technology directly within the industry-leading Windows-based IG lets VRSG users create and deploy unprecedented display systems as witnessed by Lockheed's JTAC program."

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