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European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM)

Welcome to ECEM 2013

ECEM 2013 is the 17th European Conference on Eye Movements, with the original aims of the very first ECEM, ‘to exchange information on current reseARCh, equipment and software’, at the forefront. In 2013, it is held in Lund, Sweden.
Conference: 11th to 16th August 2013
Methods workshops: 7th to 10th August 2013 (see here)

Advanced method workshops in eye tracking

As part of ECEM 2013, we are offering four days of method workshops in the week preceding the main conference, from 7th to 10th August 2013, across a variety of topics to eye movement researchers and eye tracker developers. These workshops are taught by top experts in eye movement research from clinical reseARCh, oculomotor control, usability, UX, gaze interaction, eye movement analysis software, cognitive and neuropsychological measures from eye movements. For a list of these topics and the teachers, browse 'topics' on the left menu.

These workshops are not aimed exclusively towards PhD students, but are rather open to any reseARCher, manufacturer or practitioner at any Stage of their career. The focus is on practical experience and teaching of advanced methods from top experts and peer exchange of knowledge across a broad spectrum of eye movement related fields.
ATTENTION: Course places are highly limited, so sign up to workshops as soon as registration has opened to be assure a place in the course.

Workshop fees are the following (per course):

Full day workshop fees
Full day workshops Before June 1st From June 1st
Regular 900 SEK 1200 SEK
PhD and Master student 500 SEK 800 SEK
Industry 900 SEK 1200 SEK
Half day workshop fees
Half day workshops Before June 1st From June 1st
Regular 500 SEK 800 SEK
PhD and Master student 300 SEK 500 SEK
Industry 500 SEK 800 SEK

Lunch and coffee are included in the course fee.
ECEM is organized by the eye-tracking group at Lund Humanities Laboratory together with COGAIN, the non-profit association for communication through gaze based interaction.
Additionally, ECEM 2013 embedds PETMEI 2013.

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