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Xsens launches new full-body motion capture system featuring wireless motion trackers

Xsens launches new full-body motion capture system featuring wireless motion trackers

MVN Awinda: completely wireless, lighter and more accessible mocap

Enschede, the Netherlands 每 June 20th 2013 每 Xsens releases MVN Awinda, a wireless tracker based motion capture system to expands its industry leading MVN product line.

MVN Awinda features on-body straps and eliminates battery packs and cables for even faster setup, easier operation and unconstrained range of motion.

※Xsens believes that a great product fit is critical to customer satisfaction. MVN Awinda is a natural evolution of the MVN product line and we are excited to broaden our motion capture product portfolio to meet the needs of users who benefit from a completely wireless motion capture system§, says Hein Beute, MVN Product Manager at Xsens.

※MVN Awinda is an ideal solution for us, as it will be used in a class room environment. The accessibility and ease of use of the system allows all students to get hands-on experience and focus on the creative process,* says MVN Awinda user Dr. Farhad Javidi, Professor of Simulation and Gaming Development at Central Piedmont Community College.

MVN Awinda consists of on-body straps, a complete set of wireless, rechargeable motion trackers, an Awinda wireless hub and Xsens intuitive MVN Studio software representing an evolutionary step in motion capture.

Along with the release of MVN Awinda, Xsens releases MVN Studio 3.5, which adds wireless functionality as well as new features for its existing users.

For product information:

  • Xsens MTi OEM
  • Xsens MVN - Inertial Motion Capture
  • Xsens MTi-G 6 DOF Measurement Unit
  • Xsens MTi Measurement Unit
  • Xsens MTx Measurement Unit
  • Xsens Xbus Kit
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