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EYEBOT Kiosk 每 Interactive Eye Tracking Kiosk

EYEBOT Kiosk 每 Interactive Eye Tracking Kiosk

Stand out and add an extra element of compelling interaction that engages your customers longer and with more interest in your retail store or tradeshow/corporate event with EyeTech*s new interactive EYEBOT kiosk! Now individuals visiting your store or tradeshow booth can leave with a magical experience which leaves them with a lasting impression using EyeTech*s eye tracking technology.

Rent or Buy with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee

How the EYEBOT kiosk works?

The kiosk is set to be in attract screen mode while no one is using it. The kiosk will automatically calibrate to the users eyes once the eyes are found and simply prompts the users through a quick calibration which only takes a split second. The kiosk has built in height adjustment with a simple push button height adjustment feature which is ideal for ADA compliance for wheel chair users. See short video below of a fun interactive game that EyeTech helped design for the Guinness World Records Museum called Connect The Dots.

The EYEBOT kiosk comes pre-installed with our fully customizeable kiosk software which is called QuickKIOSK. Watch video below to see the software in action during our tech demo at the CES 2014 conference in Las Vegas.

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