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SMI Eye Tracking Glasses integrated with QTM

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses integrated with QTM

SensoMotoric Instruments and Qualisys announce a plug & play integration of data recorded with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and Qualisys motion capture systems. The combined analysis of eye and body movements enables researchers to better understand and assess visual motor integration. It helps behavioral psychologists and biomechanics reseARChers to study embodied cognition and to characterize hand-eye coordination 每 how it is learned, how it is optimized but also how it is affected by disease, ageing or injury.

Sports scientists can make complex estimations of athletes* kinetics and performance in indoor and outdoor situations. And clinical reseARCher can use the information to advance diagnosis and rehabilitation. In the Qualisys Tracking Manager software, the 6D gaze data from SMI*s leading wearable eye tracking technology is automatically synchronized with Qualisys motion capture samples and other external data e.g. from force plates. Motion and eye tracking video overlays and statistical data are available with a mouse click, revealing the interplay of visual perception and human motion.

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  • Qualisys Oqus motion capture camera with high-speed video
  • Qualisys Oqus Underwater motion capture camera
  • Qualisys ProReflex motion capture camera
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