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Overwolf to Bring Eye Tracking Overlays to 600

Overwolf to Bring Eye Tracking Overlays to 600 games for launch of the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker Powered by Tobii

Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking, and premium gaming peripheral leader SteelSeries announced today they will be giving audiences at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe Aug. 11-13 and gamescom Aug. 14-17 a sneak preview of eye tracking technology and overlays in over 600 games as part of a new collaboration with top gaming software developer Overwolf. The games will be available later this year in time for the launch of the new SteelSeries Sentry; a first-of-its-kind eye tracking peripheral for gaming powered by Tobii.

“We are excited to work with the Tobii & SteelSeries teams to help us achieve our goal of making PC gaming more exciting,” said Uri MARChand, CEO of Overwolf Ltd. “We strongly believe in giving the developers and gamers the resources and empowerment to create what they want and need. Harnessing the sophistication, yet simplicity, of eye tracking technology will add a tremendous benefit to the intuitive functionality of the interface for Overwolf’s community of developers and players looking to enrich their gameplay and game tools with innovative experiences.”

By working with third party developers, Tobii and SteelSeries are ensuring that the Sentry is equipped with applications that help gamers reach a higher level of engagement. Leveraging the eye-tracking technology of Tobii and Overwolf’s overlay solutions, pioneering a new way of gaming is formed that enables players to have completely new features that will work with more than 600 popular gaming titles straight from launch.

“We are extremely excited about our collaboration with SteelSeries, and Overwolf because together we are bringing an exciting new dimension to gaming,” said Carl Korobkin, vice president of OEM Solutions for Tobii Technology. “It’s been amazing to see the incredible response we’ve received from game developers around the world who are quickly embracing the opportunity to take gaming to the next level with the power of eye tracking, and they are going to pave the way for the rest of the consumer electronics industry.”

At GDC, Tobii will be booth number 146 and during the show, Tobii will be offering the Tobii EyeX dev kit at a limited discounted price of 70 for developers who want to create their own games using eye tracking. Visit and use the code HelloGDC to receive the discount.

For product information:

  • Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker Compact Edition
  • Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker Compact Edition
  • Tobii Glasses 2 Mobile eye tracking
  • Tobii T60XL Eye Tracker
  • Tobii T60 & T120 Screen based
  • Tobii X60 & X120 Flexible eye tracking
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