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Technology leads the way for UMass College of Nursing

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Technology leads the way for UMass College of Nursing

A new tool at the UMass College of Nursing is allowing students and teachers to learn like never before.

Over 1,500 students apply for the 60 spots that are open each year in the UMass College of Nursing, where officials call themselves an innovative group.

To find that innovation, look no further than a piece of equipment called an eye-tracker.

Elizabeth Henneman, an associate professor in the college, says the eye tracker has been around for years.

"It's also part of our very unique collaboration between the College of Nursing and the College of Engineering and Computer Science. It's one of our big strengths that our places do not have," Henneman said.

The device was initially used to study driver safety.

"There's something here, because we were never able to get data the way he was able to get," Henneman said.

The College of Nursing had shared a tracker with the College of Engineering until recently purchasing their own for approximately $40,000.

The school says the information it provides is invaluable.

"Just incoming data of patients' vital signs, facial expressions, or lab values on a screen. This amount of data and what people are actually using to make decisions, we don't know. This eye tracker is really in its infancy Stages, is really going to help us with that," Henneman said. "You really don't know it's there after a while."

Cheryl Ann Nicholas, a PhD candidate in the Department of Industrial Engineering, helps design exactly what the eye tracker can do and says there's been great advances over the last decade.

"The equipment is much easier to use. The information that it gathers is just phenomenal. It tells us exactly what we're looking at and for how long. And there's a lot of statistics that we can analyze to a very fine detail," Nicholas said.

While the tracker is strictly used in training sessions now, officials hope to see that change down the line.

"Really be used in the real clinical setting, teaching new graduate nurses, but not just nurses. Physicians and others as well," Nicholas said.

Officials say they've had nothing but positive feedback from their published reports. They continue to look forward to the price of the technology continuing to fall.

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ASL D7 Remote Desktop Eye Tracking Optics

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