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Product Releases  
Xsens and C-Motion Simplify Human Motion Measurement
Now Mocap Research Can Be Done Anywhere With Data Directly Imported into Premier Biomechanics Analysis and Reporting Tool, Visual3DXsens and
[2016-3-3 15:12:10]
Evaluating UFC fighters with MVN BIOMECH
The series Laborat車rio da Luta (or ※Fight Lab§) will air in eight episodes at Combate, the official channel of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Ch
[2016-3-3 15:06:58]
Making of The Chemical Brothers 每 Wide Open ft. Beck
The Mill recently collaborated with award winning directing duo Dom&Nic to bring Chemical Brothers* brand new video &Wide Open* to life.
[2016-3-3 15:01:46]
Tobii Declares 2015 &Year at International CES Hot
Tobii Declares 2015 &Year of Consumer Eye Tracking* at International CES2015 will be the year that eye-tracking makes first entry into consu
[2015-7-22 16:50:15]
Revolutionize professional motion capture Hot
The new Xsens MVN 每 Revolutionize professional motion captureCustomer Insights Drive Motion Capture Enhancements for Ease of Use, Toughness
[2014-12-4 16:24:49]
Making of VIRTUS by FATface Hot
Making of VIRTUS by FATfaceHong Kong based FATface released the animated short VIRTUS, about a world with robots. All the robots were animna
[2014-12-4 16:20:55]
nominated for the 2015 CES Innovation Award
Valedo back pain therapy system nominated for the 2015 CES Innovation AwardThe Valedo back pain therapy system with Xsens technology inside
[2014-12-4 16:14:33]
Interaction customer to use MVN BIOMECH
Human Machine Interaction customer to use MVN BIOMECHThe RIF e.V. 每 Institute for research and transfer in Dortmund is working on a research
[2014-12-4 16:12:35]
25 years of Breuckmann GmbH
25 years of Breuckmann GmbHPrecise three-dimensional surface measurement for a quarter century: Breuckmann scanners are among the most succe
[2014-11-27 17:21:50]
New YouTube video: MoveInspect 3D Arena
New YouTube video: MoveInspect 3D ArenaVehicle designers* work will become free, flexible, thus faster, and more effective: with AICON*s new
[2014-11-27 17:17:40]
3D scan data for a replica of a special kind
3D scan data for a replica of a special kindThis work of art created by the American artist Jeff Koons, considered as the most expensive liv
[2014-11-27 17:11:57]
New YouTube video: WheelWatch on the test track
New YouTube video: WheelWatch on the test trackHow does the positon of the wheels change when the vehicle runs on a bumpy road or over an ob
[2014-11-27 17:04:29]
Test report documents suitability of TubeInspect
Tubing inspection: Test report documents suitability of TubeInspect for deployment in the aerospace industryQuality demands on tube manufact
[2014-11-27 17:01:30]
AICON opens office in Japan
AICON opens office in JapanSubsidiary office supports growing business in JapanWhether in Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia or India 每 AICON suc
[2014-11-12 14:47:32]
Made-to-measure rotor blades: MoveInspect DPA at Enercon
Made-to-measure rotor blades: MoveInspect DPA at EnerconRotor blades are the primary components of wind turbines. They are a core business o
[2014-11-12 14:45:53]
Employing robots to shorten development cycles
Employing robots to shorten development cyclesQuite a number of development cycles make their journey from prototype to production model at
[2014-11-12 14:38:03]
A dragon for AICON
A dragon for AICONGold for MoveInspect HR! An expert jury at the EUROTOOL trade fair in Krakow has awarded the coordinate measuring machine
[2014-11-12 14:31:08]
New software versions for more comfortable measurements
New software versions for more comfortable measurementsExtended functions, integrated utility and higher user-friendliness 每 the new version
[2014-11-12 14:30:02]
Tobii Starts Shipping EyeX Controllers to Developers
Tobii Starts Shipping EyeX Controllers to DevelopersTobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking, today announced that it has started
[2014-9-24 15:33:53]
Tobii Glasses 2 Redefines Wearable Eye Tracking
Research Meets Real-World: Tobii Glasses 2 Redefines Wearable Eye TrackingThe Analysis Division of Tobii Technology, the leader in eye-track
[2014-9-24 15:32:22]
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