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Beijing Times Tech. Ltd. has purchased Magnetic  
Beijing Times Tech. Ltd. has purchased Magnetic 57 3D Display from
Mianyang Tech. Ltd. has purchased Phantom Omni  
Mianyang Tech. Ltd. has purchased Phantom Omni Developor kit with 2 units from
Harbin Institute of Technology has purchased Mesa  
Harbin Institute of Technology has purchased Mesa Imaging SwissRanger SR4000 Depth Camera from
South China University of Technology has purchased Bumblebee2 from  
South China University of Technology has purchased Bumblebee2 from
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications  
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has purchased 5DT Data Glove 14 Ultra Data Glove from
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Weekly Inquiry - 14, Feb ~ 17, Feb  
Weekly Inquiry - 14, Feb ~ 17, Feb
Weekly Inquiry - 20, Jan ~ 24, Jan  
Weekly Inquiry - 20, Jan ~ 24, Jan
Weekly Inquiry - 14, Jan ~ 19, Jan  
Weekly Inquiry - 14, Jan ~ 19, Jan
Weekly Inquiry - 7, Jan ~ 13, Jan  
Weekly Inquiry - 7, Jan ~ 13, Jan
Weekly Inquiry - 1st, Jan ~ 6th, Jan  
Weekly Inquiry - 1st, Jan ~ 6th, Jan
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The 3rd 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010 is unveiled!  
The 3rd 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010 is unveiled!
SouVR 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season 2 now is coming  
After a series effective activities taken in last season, SouVR now is taking pleasure in bringing you a much improved and fresh product exhibition season
The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010  
The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010 is unveiled!
3DSuit--A New Star Rising in CICCIF  
Oct,23th,WUHU,ANHUI--Under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R.C
Amazing VR product line now is for rental!  
SouVR is taking pleasure in introducing customers a whole new rental business which aims at expanding Chinese fast growing market and local customers base.
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3D Master Announces SouVR as Authorized Exclusive  
Oct. 1st, 2009-3D Master, is a China based company specializing in stereoscopic 3D monitor, today announces that SouVR as their authorized distributor of 3D Master Stereoscopic 3D Display series and strategic business partner in China.
Innalabs Visits SouVR and Provides Product Training  
Aug. 20th, 2009Engineer of Innalabs comes to Beijing to have a business conference with SouVR, and provides SouVR with 3D Suit inertial motion capture system technology support and installation training, which lasts for two days.
Innalabs Announces SouVR as Authorized Exclusive  
Innalabs, a leading technological company aimed at reseARCh, development, delivery and support of advance cost-effective inertial measurement products, now selects SouVR
Instant Effects on IBC 2009  
Instant Effects was invited to participate in the Innovation Arena of IBC (for more on IBC, This is a business competition with a panel of judges from the media and venture capital industries.
Instant Effects announces SouVR as value added  
Aug. 18th, 2009, Instant Effects, an UK based company which is the first to bring the power of rich media and advanced 3D graphics to the worlds most widely used presentation software, today appointed that SouVR as value added reseller in Great China.
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