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Weekly Inquiry Aug.9~~~Aug.16

Cathy/Author  From:SouVR  Hit:  2012-8-29

Weekly Inquiry Aug.9~~~Aug.16

2012 Total:897 2012.01.01-now
Weekly: 31 8.9~8.16
  Exotic Display
1 Customer Kunming Environmental Protection Agency 2012-8-13
Item Ladybug3 01-Jan-00
2 Customer Xiamen Corbett Automation Technology Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item Rangefinder 01-Jan-00
3 Customer Shengguang Group 2012-8-14
Item NVIS Monoscope SV 01-Jan-00
4 Customer Beijing Shengshi Guangying Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item 5DT Virtual Binoculars 800-26 3D 01-Jan-00
5 Customer Beijing Deasy industrial design Creative Development Co., Ltd. 2012-8-16
Item Multi-channel stereo interaction 01-Jan-00
  3D Printer
5 Customer Mr. Chen 2012-8-13
Item Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer 01-Jan-00
6 Customer Mr. Zhang 2012-8-14
Item 3D Systems ProJet™ 5000 3D 01-Jan-00
7 Customer Mr. Ding 2012-8-15
Item Objet 260 Connex 3D Printer 01-Jan-00
8 Customer Shanghai Tian Tong Information Technology Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item A1 Technologies RapMan Pro 01-Jan-00
9 Customer Liu 2012-8-13
Item Objet Connex500™3D Printer 01-Jan-00
10 Customer Kang Baocheng 2012-8-13
Item Dimension Uprint 01-Jan-00
  Motion Capture
11 Customer Chinese  Science Academy  2012-8-15
Item  Vicon - Vicon MX40 01-Jan-00
12 Customer Shenyang Coal ReseARCh Institute 2012-8-15
Item ART 01-Jan-00
13 Customer Mr. Liu 2012-8-15
Item 3DSuit 01-Jan-00
  VR Software
14 Customer Shengli Oilfield 2012-8-13
Item 3DVIA VR Publisher Unlimited(Shareable) 01-Jan-00
15 Customer Beijing Aite Taike technical AG 2012-8-10
Item R2V 01-Jan-00
16 Customer Tianjin Shengshi Feiyang Technology Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item iClone 4&CrazyTalk Animator 01-Jan-00
  3D Stereoscopic
17 Customer Southwest University of Science and Technology 2012-8-10
Item Magnetic 57″ Display 01-Jan-00
18 Customer Wuhan University of Technology 2012-8-13
Item Bumblebee2 01-Jan-00
19 Customer Guangdong Sheng Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item Exceptional3D 55" Display 01-Jan-00
20 Customer Guangdong University of Technology 2012-8-15
Item Bumblebee2 01-Jan-00
21 Customer Harbin Galaxy 3D Technology 2012-8-15
Item Miracube WD-047F 3D 01-Jan-00
22 Customer Han Yingwei 2012-8-3
Item Lon3D 01-Jan-00
23 Customer Chen Weixiong 2012-8-3
Item JVC DT-3D24G1 3D Display 01-Jan-00
24 Customer Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 2012-8-16
Item 3D Stereoscopic 01-Jan-00
  Data Glove
25 Customer Southwest University of Science and Technology 2012-8-13
Item 5DT Data Glove 14 Ultra 01-Jan-00
26 Customer Sun Yat-sen University 2012-8-14
Item 5DT Data Glove 5 Ultra 01-Jan-00
  3D Input
27 Customer Hong 2012-8-13
Item 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator  01-Jan-00
28 Customer Beijing Huaxia Media Ltd 2012-8-15
Item 3Dconnexion   SpaceExplorer serial 01-Jan-00
29 Customer Beijing Huaren Fangchuang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 2012-8-15
Item 3Dconnexion   SpaceExplorer serial 01-Jan-00
  Motion Tracker
30 Customer Shanghai Boquan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2012-8-13
Item Polhemus Fastrak 01-Jan-00
  3D Scanner
31 Customer Mr. Wang 2012-8-13
Item Leica HDS6200  01-Jan-00
  Log-in Member
1 Customer henan neptune  2012-8-10
2 Customer Shengguang Group 2012-8-10
3 Customer Chinese  Science Academy  2012-8-10
4 Customer Zhongke Website 2012-8-11
5 Customer Saosjo 2012-8-11
6 Customer Comprehensive Survey ReseARCh and Design Institute 2012-8-11
7 Customer csknd 2012-8-12
8 Customer Three District customs 2012-8-12
9 Customer ncepri quality  2012-8-14
10 Customer Illusion of sound and light 2012-8-14
11 Customer Guomei 2012-8-15
Note: Because of commercial confidentiality, we have already concealed the real name and important information of our clients.

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