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3DSuit--A New Star Rising in CICCIF

tracy/Author  From:SouVR  Hit:  2009-10-30

Oct,23th,WUHU,ANHUI--Under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R.C, State Administration of Radio, Film and TeleVision and Anhui Municipal Peoples Government, the grand gala of the 2nd China International Cartoon Creative Industry Fair opens in Wuhu, an enchanting city in Anhui province. 3DSuit, having the wings of no-special-facility as well as no-data-loss, undoubtly, becomes a new star rising in this nationwide fair.

the image on the back screen is just like the model's Shadow, always in keeping with her movements exactly.

the cartoon fans are watching perfomence with breathless interest.
"I get a bang out of all this!"

Besides COSPLAY performance here and there, 3DSuit is an eye-catcher in CICCIF. As the energetic music is going on, a girl in a specical suit with tens of sensors embedded dances to the swift tone. What is impressing is that her liquid movements are presented on the back screen completely and easily.

the pomp is  given special coverage on Dajiang Evening Newspaper

3DSuit is a personal motion capture system. A personal navigation system and an angular orientation system are complexed in 3DSuit. Innalabs OSv2 inertial sensors integrated into a specially designed body suit, transmit motion data to a PC. Innalabs Joints II algorithm processes these data and calculates position and orientation of all body parts in real time.

Sbrecial thanks to SouVR

Thanks to inertial sensors used, 3DSuit can be used anywhere, because this technology doesn't require cameras, emitters, markers or special facility for motion capture. 3DSuit can be operated by animator without any assistance, which is necessary for other systems calibration and operation.


3DSuit is quite something--not only because of having China international cartoon creative industry going a step further depending technology, but also its so unparalleled performance can make outstanding contributions on medical reseARCh (recording body movements data for rehabilitation), sports and education (golf, baseball, dancing) and interactive gaming and virtual reality.

3DSuit pack, ready to go

As the Innalabs Authorized Exclusive Distributor in Great China for 3Duit, also the sponsor of this CICCIF, SouVR welcome you to experience this magical suit during this 4th Product Exhibition Season.

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