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The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010 is unveiled!

sophie/Author  Hit:  2010-1-21

The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season of SouVR has begun on Jan. 1, 2010. We warmly welcome friends from various social sectors to join us and experience it!

SouVR products exhibition season has been well reviewed since it was released in 2010, compare to the four seasons last year, there will be much more current products, advanced technologies, and exciting solutions added for you to discover. You'll find more experts and engineers from our OEMs at that occasion and Q & A at scene, which can make this exhibition much more interactive and practical.

According to the application, we'll carry on SouVR road show in metropolis and small-sized salons, which is a distinct opportunity for customers to get a better communication with each other . 

The products on this exhibition will be applied for the fields of Game, movies, reseARCh, education, military, medical, entertainment, simulation gas & oil and aerial mapping etc.

The Season One 2010 is another stunning show that you can expect!

More details information about SouVR 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season 【Ⅰ】

What is it
SouVR Product Exhibition Season is a 3D/VR products exhibition which organized by SouVR and has been divided into four seasons in one year, each season would last for 3 months. And this is the fourth season .

Where & When
The product exhibition will be held from 9:00 to 18:00 , Monday to Friday
Room 821, Huizhong Science & Tech, Center. No.1, Street 7, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

1)Providing a platform for the manufacturers to present their products and technologies
2)Providing the chances for Chinese customers to experience the current VR technology and information

1)Open, fair, reasonable , transparent and localized service concept
2)Presenting high cost performance products to Chinese customers.
3)Providing one-stop-service from selection, inquiry, price comparing, to experiencing, resolving client's problem on technology and application problem of clients.

1.Single-channel 3D Stereoscopic Display System
2.D'fusion AR Solution
3.PHANTOM Omni Developer Kit Haptic Design System
4.Vuzix iWear VR920
5.Pavonine - Miracube G320S 3D Monitor
6.A.R.T.System Solution
7.Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen
9.Multi-Modal 3D Stereoscopic Kiosk for Virtual Exhibition of Chinese Cultural Relics
10.3D CaMega portable scanner
11.Vuzix iWear AV920
12.DGTech Vhand 2.0 Bluetooth DDK
13.Xsens Moven Inertial Motion Capture System
14.Pavonine - Miracube G460X 3D Monitor
15.Pavonine - Miracube G240S 3D Monitor
17.Magnetic 32 ″ Enabl3D ™
18.Miracube 3D Pro Stereographic Camera System
19.TRUE3Di SDM-190M
21..3D Systems Projet SD 3000
22.3D Systems Projet DP 3000
24.3D Master 3D Monitor
25.3DSuit Motion Capture
26.Dimension Uprint 3D Printing
27.ASL Model H6 (formerly Model 501)
28.NewSight 42" MultiView AD3 3D Display
29.Dual-channel 3D Stereoscopic Display System

1.E ntry-level Real-time 3D Design System
Virtools4.1 STD+Virtools 3D model+HPZ400 work station+Miracube24″ monitor
2. E ntry-level Industrial Real-time 3D Design System
DS System Catia + Miracube24″ monitor+HPZ400 work station
3. E ntry-level 3D Animation Design System
Autodesk 3D Studio Max+HPZ400 work station +Miracube24″ monitor
4. E ntry-level Real-time 3D Game Design System
Virtools STD+AI Library ( local server )+Virtools stereo module +HPZ400 work station +Miracube24″ monitor
5. 3D Real-time Design system
Virtools STD+Virtools stereo module + Stereo Playback software+Miracube46″ monitor+HPZ400 work station
6. Virtual Assembly System
Miracube46″+ART TrackPack + Virtools STD+ Physics ( local server ) +Virtools stereo module

Contact Information
Title: SouVR 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season ( The First Season)
Date: Jan. 1st, 2010–Mar, 31st, 2010, on business days.
Organizer: SouVR International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 010-82772136
Address: Room 819,Huizhong Science & Tech, Center.No.1, Street 7, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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