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TopExceptional 3D Announces SouVR as Authoriz06-29
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SouVR Will take Part In BirTV 2011 Show Together With AxonUp Hot Elite
BIRTV is Chinas top-notch exhibition in the industry of radio, film & TV, which has been well received by the broadcasting industry at h
The 3rd 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010 is unveiled!
The 3rd 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season of SouVR has begun on Jul. 1, 2010. We warmly welcome friends from various social sectors to join u
SouVR 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season 2 now is coming
After a series effective activities taken in last season, SouVR now is taking pleasure in bringing you a much improved and fresh product exh
The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season in 2010
The first 3D/VR Products Exhibition Season of SouVR has begun on Jan. 1, 2010. We warmly welcome friends from various social sectors to join
3DSuit--A New Star Rising in CICCIF
Oct,23th,WUHU,ANHUI--Under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R.C, State
Amazing VR product line now is for rental!
SouVR is taking pleasure in introducing customers a whole new rental business which aims at expanding Chinese fast growing market and local
3D/VR Products Exhibition of SouVR (Season Four)
3D/VR Products Exhibition of SouVR (Season Four) now is unveiled at the beginning of October. We would like to extend warm welcome to the fr
The Product Exhibition Season Of SouVR (The Third Season)
Recently, a prerequisite of the next season products show is separation of SouVR third season, enhancing multi level mutual communication be
The product exhibition season of SouVR (the second
Since the first season on Jan, 1st, 2009, taking the advantage of various resource and the relationship with global manufactures and experts
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