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Ascension SpacePad
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Ascension SpacePad:Low-cost, six degrees-of-freedom tracker with a flat transmitter for ease of use and placement. Designed     Online:
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Low-cost, six degrees-of-freedom tracker with a flat transmitter for ease of use and placement. Designed specifically for integration into OEM products. SpacePad brings low-cost magnetic tracking to virtual reality game developers and designers of interactive experiences.

Use SpacePad to instantaneously determine the position and orientation of one or more lightweight sensors attached to a person experiencing virtual reality. Its outputs furnish the motion cues needed to interact in real time with your virtual world.

SpacePad smashes the existing price-per-sensor barrier. You can now buy a robust four-sensor tracker offering greater accuracy for less than the price of any competitive tracking product.

SpacePad takes its name from the design of its unique magnetic-field transmitting antenna. The antenna is completely flat. It consists of a loop of wire locatable in a pad near the user. Antenna size and placement are user-adjustable. SpacePad lets you track motions of multiple players simultaneously in one or more game pods.

You will find SpacePad perfectly suited for VR games in location-based entertainment and ARCade settings. It lets you, for the first time, locate your own transmitter loops in the base of a game pod, configure loops between adjacent pods, embed loops in a sit-down module, or even on a wall to create a virtual room. Loops may also be configured to accommodate multiple users in virtual rides.

Ascension SpacePad

SpacePad's single electronics card is capable of driving two transmitters and up to four sensors. Since the transmitter is just a strand of wire, you provide it yourself once we custom configure it for your application. SpacePad eliminates your recurring transmitter costs. The electronics card is compatible with PCs and all other computers with an ISA-bus slot. Additional SpacePads may be used in close proximity to one another without interference.

Features and Benefits
  • Flexible transmitter design
    Accommodates your transmitter layout.
  • Multiple sensor tracking with single electronics unit
    Tracks up to 4 sensors per electronics unit.
  • OEM designed
    We supply you with boards, sensors and instructions to integrate into your product.

    Components in Default Unit

    Antenna breakout card/ P4 Motherboard with ISA slots/ Tower PC

  • 1 Electronics Unit on ISA Card for Insertion in PC Computer
  • 1 Transmitter Card with 15 ft (4.6 m) Cable
  • 1 Sensor with 15 ft (4.6 m) Cable (One to Four per Electronics Unit/ISA Card)
  • 1 Year Warranty

    Transmitter options

  • Planar (Flat) Transmitter
  • Short Range: Up to 1.6 ft (0.5 m) coverage
  • Set-up & Use: Our planar transmitter lies flat on the floor or can be embedded in either a horizontal or vertical structure for ease of use.
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    Ascension SpacePad

        Detailed product specifications.
    Ascension SpacePad
    Translational range
    Configuration dependent
    Angular range
    Unlimited: ± 180° in azimuth & roll; ± 90° in elevation

    Update rate

    120/ second for one sensor; 60/ second for each of two; 30 per second for each of four
    X, Y, Z position, Euler angles, rotation matrix or quaternions
    ISA bus on PC-compatible card version


    Source code in C provided. Commands are compatible with existing Bird and Flock of Birds products
    Electrical noise interference
    Operating frequency is changeable under software control to reduce interference from CRTs and other noise sources
    Proximity to other SpacePads

    Up to eight transmitters may operate near one another

    Number of sensors/card
    Up to four
    Sensor size
    3.3cm x 2.8cm x 2.03cm with 4.6m cable
    Number of transmitters
    Up to two

    Transmitter size

    Maximum coil size: 4.9m x 4.9m
    Minimum coil size: 30.5cm x 30.5cm
    5V @ 0.5A, + 12V @ 1.1A, -12V @ 0.06A from the ISA bus
    0 to 60° C, 95% non-condensing humidity
    ISA card
    34.1cm x 11.4cm x 1.3cm single-slot card with 16-bit edge connector
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    Model USD
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad, 1 Sensor
    $ 1,943.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad, 2 Sensors
    $ 2,327
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad, 3 Sensors
    $ 2,723.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad, 4 Sensors
    $ 3,107
    Spares and Accessories
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad electronics unit on ISA card
    $ 1,501.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad sensor
    with 15 ft (4.6 m) cable
    $ 383.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad flat transmitter coils laid out on plywood mat
    $ 383.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad transmitter card cable
    15 ft (4.6 m)
    $ 45.5
    product_mocaptrack_ascension_spacepad SpacePad transmitter card
    $ 13
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    q  What is the range of the device?
    a   The range is entirely flexible. Since the Transmitter is a loop of wire (basically speaker wire), The end user can configure the capture area as he likes. The capture area is a dome where the bottom is 80% of the total radius of the capture area.
    q   What specialist hardware is needed with the unit?
    a   Since the SpacePad is a legacy system, you will require an antenna breakout card for your PC which is ISA and quite large as well. You will need a large motherboard and tower PC. We recommend Soyo for the PC, who make a range of P4 Motherboards with ISA slots.
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