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Polhemus Liberty Latus
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Polhemus Liberty Latus: Totally wireless, full 6-DOF solution.     Online:
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Polhemus Liberty Latus
LIBERTY LATUS (Large Area Tracking Untethered System) cuts the cord, delivering a totally wireless, full 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) magnetic tracking solution. Capable of tracking up to 12 independent markers over large areas, LIBERTY LATUS offers exceptional speed and ease of use, facilitated by an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and a comprehensive software developer's kit (SDK). With optimized signal-to-noise ratios, LIBERTY LATUS offers remarkable stability, providing consistent, high quality data without wires. Experience a revolutionary new dimension in magnetic tracking with LIBERTY LATUS.

Indoor GPS Tracking Solution
Also available in 2D (X,Y for Longitude and Latitude replication) configuration, LIBERTY LATUS is the solution to indoor GPS tracking needs and integrator requirements. Operable with variable positional resolution, indoor GPS tracking can now be achieved in all environments including traditional steel shipping containers; stick built homes and structures; concrete facilities; and large, outdoor, operational fields of interest. LIBERTY LATUS - critical to the success and effectiveness of training, simulation, and mission rehearsal preparation.

The Wireless Revolution
LIBERTY LATUS represents a revolution in tracking, combining state of the art wireless functionality with unsurpassed performance. There are absolutely no wires--each marker is fully self-contained. Each marker is tracked in space by a receptor. Up to 16 receptors can be connected for hundreds of square feet of total coverage. For an even larger coverage area, multiple LIBERTY LATUS systems can be concatenated. Because of its short range distributed receptor ARChitecture and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, LIBERTY LATUS avoids distortion effects normally seen with long range electromagnetic systems.

Each system supports up to 12 markers. A proprietary magnetic data link ensures absolutely stable wireless communication regardless of how many markers and receptors are in use. The update rate is 188Hz for up to 8 markers or 94Hz for 9 to 12 markers.

Wireless Marker
The markers feature a compact design for seamless integration into any project. Each houses the electromagnetic source, control electronics and a lithium ion battery that provides up to 2.5 hours of power. The battery can be easily removed for recharging. Each marker weighs 2 ounces and easily mounts on virtually anything, including the body with an optional body mount kit.

Polhemus Liberty Latus: wireless, full 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking solution.

The receptors are small, lightweight cubes that can readily be mounted on practically any Surface. Receptors contain electromagnetic receiving elements that detect the magnetic signals emitted by the marker(s). Each receptor has a 60 foot (18.3m) cable to accommodate large area installations. Each receptor covers up to 50 sq. ft. (4.7 sq m).

Incorporating the industry's most advanced hardware and software, the system electronics unit (SEU) processes signal from the receptors to compute position and orientation. The SEU conveniently connects to the host computer via RS-232 or USB.

Four receptor channels are included on the base product. The system can be upgraded to 8, 12 or 16 receptor channels by adding additional circuit boards to the same chassis.

The Tools You Need
LIBERTY LATUS includes a streamlined and intuitive Windows 2000/XP user interface stocked with useful tools. Three independent user-definable profiles allow setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations and more. This valuable feature makes LIBERTY LATUS ideal for accommodating multiple users or applications. An integrated motion box provides navigable points of view for visualization and is also capable of displaying text data. The system offers versatile output capabilities, allowing users to select position in Cartesian coordinates (English or metric) and orientation in direction cosines, Euler angles or quaternions. Additional features include data recording and playback, plus rapid data exporting via Microsoft� Named Pipe.

Polhemus understands that creating groundbreaking solutions requires the right tools. That's why LIBERTY LATUS includes a comprehensive and straightforward software developer's kit (SDK). The SDK features API libraries that facilitate easy integration into custom applications.

  • Polhemus Liberty Latus: wireless, full 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking solution.

  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
    Having the ability to track 12 markers over a large area and not having to be concerned about line-of-sight obstacles, LIBERTY LATUS makes an ideal system for MOUT applications. Tracking over an entire house or scene including stairways is easily achieved by appropriate receptor location. Placing a marker on the weapon and the head allows the instructor to track location (X,Y,Z) and direction (Az., El., Rl.) of both the weapon and the head for after-action review.
  • Biomechanical and Sports Analysis
    With an update rate of 188 Hz per marker and no wires to encumber movement, LIBERTY LATUS can collect data from the swing of a baseball bat, an athlete's fast-paced movements, or gait movement and limb rotation for real-time analysis of both children and adults.
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality
    From the beginning, Polhemus systems have been the selected choice for Virtual or Augmented Reality head and body tracking. A totally wireless system, LIBERTY LATUS is the only logical choice for CAVE, Power Wall, VR and AR applications.

    Polhemus Liberty Latus: wireless, full 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking solution.

    Advanced AC Technology
    Polhemus pioneered AC motion tracking and has refined and perfected the technology through numerous generations. Unlike products based on pulsed DC technology, Polhemus trackers are not negatively affected by the earth's magnetic field, power outlets or electric motors. Because AC tracking is also more accurate and faster, it's clearly the superior choice. In fact, Polhemus originated pulsed DC technology, but chose not to pursue it because of performance shortcomings.

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    Polhemus Liberty Latus

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec product_mocaptrack_polhemus_latus Polhemus Liberty Latus
    Degrees-of-Freedom 6DOF
    Number of Sensors Wireless MARKER's 1-12
    Update Rate 188Hz (1-8MARKERs)
    94 Hz (9-12 MARKERs)
    Static Accuracy Position 0.1in. (0.254cm) 1 MARKER
    Typical 1-3 in. (2.54-7.62cm)
    Static Accuracy Orientation 0.5 1 MARKER
    Typical 1-3
    Latency 5ms
    Resolution Position at 30cm range 0.002 in 0.005 cm
    Resolution Orientation 0.005
    Range Range is dependable upon desired accuracy
    Extended Range Source Can concatenate to cover large area
    Interface RS-232 or USB (both included)
    Host OS compatability GUI/SDK 2000/XP
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