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Ubisense: Large-scale ultra wide band tracking.     Online:
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Ubisense combines an ultrawideband technology platform with a real-time software solution to provide an intuitive and automatic location aware computing platform.

UWB (ultrawideband) technology is used because it combines a high level of accuracy with low infrastructure investment. Once installed, Ubisense delivers 15cm 3D accuracy in real-time with the ability to monitor thousands of people and assets. Ubisense is the first commercially available platform that addresses both the high accuracy and high scalability market requirements with a cost effective solution.

Ubisense: large-scale ultra wide band tracking.

A network of Ubisensors is installed and connected into a building's existing network. The Ubisensors use UWB (ultrawideband) radio technology to detect and react to the position of Ubitags.

The Ubisensors send the Ubitag location information to the Ubisense software platform, which creates a detailed, real-time view of the environment. This model can be used by an unlimited number of simultaneous programs that are able to respond immediately to changes in the smart space that is created. Ubisense can be integrated into other corporate systems such as communications or scheduling systems to create a real-time operating system for space.

Hardware Platform
The Ubisense Platform works by creating sensor cells each of which requires a minimum of four sensors. Cells can overlap if necessary and Ubitags are seamlessly tracked across cells by the Ubisense platform.
  • Maximum tag-sensor distance (Open Field Measurement): greater than 50m (160ft)
  • Coverage area with 4 sensors: up to 400m² (4300ft²)
  • Aggregate coverage area: unlimited
  • Achievable 3D accuracy (95% confidence level): better than 30cm (12 inches)
  • 39Hz update rate per cell
  • Aggregate update rate: unlimited
  • Conventional control channel 每 902-928MHz, 433MHz-434MHz, 869MHz-870MHz
  • Ultrawideband channel 每 5.8-7.2GHz

    Ubisense Tag
    A Ubisense Tag is a small tag worn by a person or attached to an asset allowing it to be accurately located within an indoor environment. Ubisense Tags also have two programmable buttons which can be used for Smart Space applications, two LEDs for communications and a programmable buzzer.
  • Power supply: 1 x CR2477 lithium battery
  • Weight: 50g
  • Achievable battery lifetime: better than 12 months with Quality-of-Service control*
  • Two buttons, two LEDs and a buzzer for input/output
  • Easy mounting on assets or attachment to badge/tag holders
  • Equipped with lanyard for personnel
  • Size: 5.8cm x 9.2cm x 1cm (2.2§ x 3.6§ x 0.4§)
  • Operating Temperature: 0∼C-50∼C (standard), optional extended operating temperature available

    Ubisense tags.

    *Battery, ranges and actual accuracy will vary based upon numerous environmental factors so individual performance may differ.

    Ubisense Sensor
    The Ubisense Sensor receives ultrawideband (UWB) pulses from Ubisense Tags which are then used to determine exact location based on Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) and Angle of Arrival (AOA). The sensors have an array of four UWB receivers enabling angle to be calculated with a high degree of accuracy. The sensors also support two way standard RF communications permitting dynamic changes to tag update rates and making interactive Smart Space applications possible.
  • Standard Ethernet cabling and protocols for communications
  • Low-voltage DC power supply (power consumption less than 10W per sensor)
  • Weight: 690g
  • Power may be optionally supplied over the Ethernet cabling
  • One separate Ethernet cable per Ubisense Sensor for timing and synchronisation
  • Size: 21cm x 13cm x 7cm (8.25§ x 2.75§ x 5.2§)
  • Choice of mounting bracket
  • Operating Temperature: 0∼C-50∼C (standard), optional extended operating temperature available

    Ubisense sensors.

    Software Platform
    The Ubisense platform works by creating sensor cells each of which requires a minimum of four sensors. Cells can overlap if necessary and Ubisense Tags are seamlessly tracked across cells by the Ubisense platform. The Ubisenseplatform is the key to creating your Smart Space. The platform provides:
  • Maximum tag-sensor distance (OFM): greater than 50m (160ft)*
  • Coverage area with 4 sensors: up to 400m2 (4300ft²)*
  • Aggregate coverage area: unlimited
  • Achievable 3D accuracy (95% confidence level): better than 30cm (12 inches)*
  • 39Hz update rate per cell , 10Hz maximum per Ubitag
  • Aggregate update rate: unlimited
  • Conventional control channel, selectable: 902 - 928MHz, 433MHz - 434MHz,
    869MHz -870MHz
  • Ultrawideband channel 每 5.8-7.2GHz Straightforward integration. By combining Ubisense with other applications utilizing integration standards and, as new functionality is added, Ubisense protects you and your company from never-ending integration and unsynchronized upgrades.
  • Reduced cost of ownership. Ubisense limits your potential to be trapped using a single proprietary location system because any location or sensor system can be plugged into its platform, encapsulating applications from hardware and protecting users being locked to a single vendor.
  • Many applications and trained staff. By developing on a platform there are many developers writing applications and tools that you may be able to use in your implementations not a limited number of coders developing small numbers of proprietary applications.

    *Battery, ranges and actual accuracy will vary based upon numerous environmental factors so individual performance may differ.


    Build your Smart Space - Easily create and modify your Smart Space using interactive tools designed specifically for the task of building interactive environments.

    Design your sensor network - Manage the sensors and coverage throughout your environment with a 3D visualization of the location of all sensors and coverage areas.

    Administer your Smart Space - Create profiles and behaviour for the objects and people in your Smart Space and assign and administer Ubitags.

    Visualize your Smart Space - View your building in 2D and 3D in real-time. Fly around the building and view the location of assets or utilization of space.

    Simulate your Smart Space - Simulate your smart space environment to effortlessly develop and test new applications without needing to move hardware around in the real-world.

    Create Smart Space applications - Using the Visual Developer build applications that turn your building environment into Smart Space. Dynamically create interactive areas throughout your space and create events and rules based on an objects location.

    Integrate your Smart Space - The key to developing Smart Space is to be able to easily and efficiently integrate to other applications that are controlling and monitoring your building. Ubisense produces an exceptionally rich API for application developers and integrators.


    Ultrawideband (UWB)
    Location systems based on conventional RF technology work poorly indoors because they are plagued by multipath distortion caused by radio signals reflected from walls, desks, people and equipment. This can often lead to positioning errors of several meters. UWB radio systems can be accurate to about 6 inch (15cm) indoors because they are much less affected by multipath distortion than conventional RF systems and the calculation is based on time of arrival rather than signal strength.

    An advantage of UWB over systems that use Infrared technology is in its ability to pass through objects such as walls and clothing. One common problem with infrared systems is that they will fail even if the tag is covered up by a shirt or jacket.

    Ubisense also has an advantage over other UWB vendors due to the fact that it calculates location in two ways. Ubisense uses both Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) and Angle of Arrival (AOA) which greatly reduces the density of sensors required to cover an area over systems that use just TDOA.

    Ubisense uses a cellular sensor and processing ARChitecture to achieve exceptional scalability using low-cost off-the-shelf servers and Ethernet networks.

    Ubisense can scale from a single room monitoring one person to very large complex sites. The systems are designed to scale to sites of 1,000,000 ft² 100,000m² upwards and to track tens of thousands of UbiTags in real time.

    Ubisense installations are easily expandable, allowing you to start by monitoring key areas of a building and incrementally add areas to the system over time building up to the complete site.

    Example Package: UWB Location ReseARCh Package
    To aid research into high-accuracy real-time local positioning systems and sense-driven computing, Ubisense has produced a package including software and hardware specifically for the corporate research community. The research package is designed to enable sophisticated location reseARCh and includes a four sensor cell in which the ten tags can be tracked in real-time. The software uses Ubisense Visual Developer which enables graphical development of location-aware applications.

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    Model USD
    product_stereovis_cyviz UWB Location ReseARCh Package.
    Contents: 4 Ubisense sensors, 10 Ubisense tags, Ubisense Enterprise Edition, Ubisense Visual Developer, Ubisense Simulator. Installation, training, support and maintenance included.
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