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Polhemus Visiontrak: Complete eye and head tracking system allowing for unrestricted movement.     Online:
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Polhemus Visiontrak
VisionTrak is the world's most advanced eye-tracking system, giving you the power to track precisely what a person is looking at. Available in head-mounted and desktop versions, VisionTrak collects pupil size, eye movement and eye point of regard data, recording in real time without restricting head movement. Maximize your vision tracking and analysis capabilities with VisionTrak.

The VisionTrak Standard System is a turnkey solution that allows unrestricted head movement. A transparent mirror mounted in front of the subject's eye reflects the eye image into a head mounted video camera. A single LED provides safe, low level infrared illumination.

The VisionTrak Standard Head Mounted Eye Tracking System is widely used for training and simulation applications like driving, pilot evaluation and training. It's also perfect for retail merchandising reseARCh, drug and alcohol response testing, and Vision reseARCh.

The VisionTrak Binocular Desktop 300 System allows the subject to be seated comfortably without using a chinrest. Both eyes are viewed using a specialized remote infrared (IR) video camera system.

The VisionTrak Binocular Desktop 300 System is ideal for a range of applications including Vision reseARCh, ad and Web effectiveness studies, and reading and language evaluation.

Real Time, Fully Automatic Vision Tracking
Developed by ISCAN, Inc.,VisionTrak delivers the power of real time tracking along with unrivaled ease of use. System calibration, software and data acquisition are all easily controlled from the operator's PC. Calibration is simple and fast, requiring as few as five calibration points.

VisionTrak incorporates miniaturized electronic and optical components that create crisp, clear eye and scene images. The images are conveniently displayed in the streamlined graphical user interface (GUI) on the operator's PC. The object that the subject is viewing is clearly identified by crosshairs instantly superimposed over live imagery.

VisionTrak's advanced eye tracking processor automatically tracks the center of a subject's pupil and the reflection from the corneal Surface, measures pupil size and collects a variety of additional data. Crosshairs automatically center over the pupil and corneal reflection to indicate proper tracking. VisionTrak functions perfectly in virtually any lighting condition, even if the subject wears glasses or contact lenses.

VisionTrak's included Raw Eye Movement Data Acquisition Software (DQW) for Windows� XP, is easy to use for a wide range of applications and environments. Eye imaging and tracking data can be viewed and collected in real time for analysis and export. Pupil diameter, eye fixations, velocities and accelerations can be further analyzed and quantified to user-defined criteria. then output in a variety of convenient reports for final presentation.

Polhemus Visiontrak: complete eye and head tracking system allowing for unrestricted movement.

Versatile System Options
VisionTrak is available in a variety of system configurations to meet your tracking needs. The Standard Head Mounted Eye Tracking System and the Binocular Desktop 300 System are supplied with a pupil and corneal reflection tracking system, eye imaging system, computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor and the above DQW software. The Standard Head Mounted Eye Tracking System also includes an auto-calibration system and eye and scene camera control unit.

The Global System includes everything you get with the Standard Head Mounted Eye Tracking System and more. An additional camera provides a wider field of view, capturing an image of both the subject and the scene. A 9" black and white monitor is supplied to display the extra image. The Global System includes a Polhemus 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) FASTRAK system to enable simultaneously eye tracking and head motion. Supplied applications include Line of Sight (LOS) software, which combines eye and head vectors for point of regard output, and Point of Regard Fixation Analysis (PRZ) software, which enables advanced analysis of raw point of regard data.

An add-on for the Standard Head Mounted Eye Tracking System, the Remote Digital Recording System is worn by the subject to facilitate untethered movement during tracking. All data is captured to Hi-8 media and can later be uploaded to the operator's PC. The Remote Digital Recording System includes a Hi-8 camcorder, 2 channel MUX and DEMUX, power vest, spare battery and charger

VisionTrak Desktop 300 Imaging System
This system features an integrated solid state, low-level,infrared illuminator and infrared sensitive eye imaging camera. The illumination is iNVISible to the subject. The camera and illuminator assembly is mounted on a pan/tilt platform which automatically follows the movement of the subject’s head to keep the eyes in the center of the camera’s field of view. This auto-follow mode is effective within a ±6 inch horizontal by ±6 inch vertical by ±6 inch forward-and-back range of the subject’s head movement, as long as the subject remains facing the stimulus area. Subject-to-camera distance may be adjusted over a range of 18-36 inches.

Polhemus Visiontrak: complete eye and head tracking system allowing for unrestricted movement.

Eye Tracking Processor
The eye tracking processor automatically tracks the center of a subject’s pupils, the reflection from the corneal Surfaces, and measures pupil size, all in real-time. Horizontal and vertical crosshairs automatically center themselves over the pupil and corneal reflection to indicate proper tracking of the two targets. Calculation of the eye landmarks is accomplished in real-time with a transport delay of only a single video frame.

Monitors and Cables
VisionTrak Desktop 300 System includes a Pentium® based computer system, SVGA color LCD monitor keyboard and mouse. There are two on-screen videos on the computer monitor; one displays the eye images and the other displays the scene image with superimposed point-of-regard.

Auto Calibration Processor
The autocalibration processor accurately calculates the subject’s point-of-gaze with respect to a scene being viewed by using the raw eye position. A scene video camera, VCR output or converted computer display output provides the scene information input to the autocalibrator. An on-screen 24-hour clock is used for video frame-by-frame analysis of the output data.

VisionTrak Desktop 300 is a specially designed combination of mechanical,electronic and optical components enabling the operator to easily acquire a clear, in-focus image of the subject’s eyes with a remote camera. This assembly is setup on a table or desk in front of the subject and the operator can easily control the focus of the eye imaging system.

Data Acquisition, Control and Analysis
The Raw Eye Movement Data Acquisition Software (DQW) for Windows® XP allows the operator to completely control the data acquisition process with instrumentation control, data recording, and review features. This program allows eye imaging and tracking to be monitored for any subject from the operator’s console. Calibrated or raw eye movement and auxiliary data can be output in real-time to other devices. The software includes proVisions for file storage in native binary and ASCII formats along with complete data review capabilities.

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Model USD
Visiontrak Monocular
ETL 500 Head Mounted system
$ 22,230
Visiontrak Binocular
ETL 500 Head Mounted system
$ 35,171.5
Visiontrak Global System
Includes standard VisionTrak System, Video Display Card, Remote Global Colour Scene Imaging System (Colour Scene Camera, Camera Mount, Cabling), Line of Sight (LOS)Software(LOS Computation/Target Intersection SW), Point of Regard Fixation Software (Advanced Analysis Software), 9" Black and White Monitor, Polhemus Source Floor Mount. Includes Fastrak.
$ 47,190
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