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Immersion Haptic Workstation: Two-handed virtual prototyping force-feedback system.     Online:
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CyberGlove Haptic Workstation
Advanced Virtual Reality Multi-Modal Haptic Simulation System.

The Haptic Workstation is a ground-breaking 3D haptics innovation from CyberGlove® Corporation. It is a fully integrated simulation system providing right and left whole-hand force feedback, Immersive 3D viewing, and easy-to- use CAD model manipulation and interaction software. Using the Haptic Workstation, you can “feel” what it’s like to sit inside your car design and “hang” both hands on a graphical steering wheel before building a costly prototype.

The Haptic Workstation is the culmination of more than 10 years of reseARCh and development synergistically brought together in a single 3D-interaction product. The system includes right-hand and left-hand CyberForce whole-hand force-feedback systems mounted behind the user on vertically adjustable columns. This permits both seated and standing configurations. The CyberForce systems apply ground-referenced forces to each of the fingers and hands.

Immersion Haptic Workstation: two-handed virtual prototyping force-feedback system.

The Haptic Workstation optionally comes with:
  • An electrically adjustable car seat
  • A head-mounted display (HMD)
  • CyberGlove's hand-interaction software that loads CATIA V5 models

    Immersive 3D viewing is provided by a head-mounted display, but the Haptic Workstation has also been designed with an unobstructed forward view, allowing a CAVE™ environment to be optionally used in place of the HMD. Designed as the ultimate virtual prototyping tool, the Haptic Workstation eliminates expensive physical prototype iterations by providing real-time two-handed evaluation of the ergonomics, assemble-ability, and maintenance of your CAD design.

    Immersion Haptic Workstation: two-handed virtual prototyping force-feedback system.

    What is CyberForce?
    CyberForce® is the World's first "desktop" whole-hand and arm force feedback device - a force feedback armature that not only conveys realistic grounded forces to the hand and arm but also provides six-degree-of-freedom positional tracking that accurately measures translation and rotation of the hand in three dimensions. CyberForce is an option designed to work with CyberGrasp™, the award-winning, lightweight, force-reflecting exoskeleton that fits over a CyberGlove® and adds resistive force feedback to each finger.

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    CyberGlove Haptic Workstation

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