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Polhemus FastScan Cobra/Scorpion: Handheld 3D laser scanner utilising magnetic tracking.     Online:
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Polhemus FastScan
So fast and easy that it may trim days or weeks off your workload, FastSCAN is the ultimate laser scanner. With a simple sweep of the FastSCAN wand, you can create instant real time 3D images and databases--anytime, anywhere. FastSCAN is the industry's most flexible and most affordable scanner.

Lightweight and Ultra-Portable
FastSCAN is lightweight and ultra-portable. The entire system is supplied in a briefcase, and setup only takes a few minutes. As a result, you can readily scan objects onsite, in their natural environments. The first laser scanner you can easily travel with, FastSCAN sets up almost anywhere, indoor or out.

Real Results in Real Time
FastSCAN instantly acquires three dimensional Surface images when you sweep the handheld laser scanning wand over an object, in a manner similar to spray painting. FastSCAN works by projecting a fan of laser light on the object while the camera views the laser to record cross-sectional depth profiles. The object's image immediately appears on your computer screen. Because FastSCAN provides real-time visual feedback, monitoring and controlling the scan process is straightforward. Unlike other scanners, FastSCAN automatically stitches your scans together, saving a great deal of time. The sweeps list enables turning individual sweeps on and off to facilitate optimizing the amount of data in your final output.

Versatile Scanning Capabilities
Two different FastSCAN systems are available to accommodate varied scanning requirements and budgets. The Scorpion has two cameras, allowing for more detailed scans in fewer sweeps than the single-camera Cobra. While scanning an object, the dual cameras on the Scorpion wand view the laser from either side to record Surface profiles of the object.

The FastSCAN has an embedded FASTRAK unit, which is used to determine position and orientation, enabling the computer to reconstruct the full three-dimensional Surface of the object. The system accurately scans a wide range of non-metallic, opaque objects from small items such as a hand or figurine, to large items such as a door or sofa.

A reference receiver is provided to enable scanning moving objects. The reference receiver can be attached to a headband to enable scanning a person, or can be adhered to an inanimate object using putty, tape or other similar method. The receiver allows you to conveniently reposition inanimate objects to scan hard to reach areas. No other scanner offers this feature.

Scanning People
The handheld laser scanner can be used to digitize a human shape for animation, multimedia, custom apparel design, biomedical reseARCh, forensics, etc. The following example demonstrates the scanner's ability to:
  • Scan a human subject rapidly while the subject remains still
  • Use the second receiver on a headband to track involuntary movement of the subject
  • Scan a complicated Surface with convolutions that would normally be obscured from a conventional turntable-based laser scanner

    Scanning Objects
    The handheld laser scanner can be used to digitize the Surface of objects for animation, rapid prototyping, 3D measurement, ARChiving, etc. The following example demonstrates the scanner's ability to:
  • Rapidly digitize the complete 3D Surface of an object
  • Save the data in industry standard formats to be used by other programs

    Advanced Features
    FastSCAN is loaded with advanced features to help realize absolute precision for every scan. The system works with virtually any PC, and the included software offers a full array of functions including image resizing, point of view shifting and more. To enable ascertaining how much data has been collected, the software incorporates a point cloud view. Moreover, you can select and delete raw data points from sweeps. The software also offers numerous scan processing features such as fine smoothing, which you can use prior to exporting the scan. 3D data can be exported to a host of popular 3D modeling, graphics and CAD programs.

    The mechanical and optical stylus options make FastSCAN even more versatile. The mechanical stylus generates position and orientation markers within the tracker's spatial system. Because you can press in with the mechanical stylus, you can use it to mark points beneath the surface of a person's skin, for example. Captured data is clearly displayed on-screen. The optical stylus is built into the wand and turns the FastSCAN into a point digitizer. The location of the point on the object's Surface, and the orientation of the wand are recorded whenever the wand trigger is depressed in laser point mode.

    Polhemus offers optional software packages to maximize FastSCAN's capabilities. The Radial Basis Function (RBF) application automatically fills in holes in scans, producing watertight files, and greatly enhancing the system's functionality. An add-on for RBF, AAOP enables outputting the O&P medical file format. Polhemus also offers Sweep Registration software, which tightens up the stitching between individual sweeps for smoother scans. Scan Through Glass (Refraction Correction) facilitates scanning objects through glass. Delta makes Surface and volume measurements on complex 3D shapes.

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    Polhemus FastScan

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec product_digiscan_polhemus_fastscancobra
    Polhemus FastScan
    Laser Power (mW)
    Acquisition Rate (Points)
    15000 (per second)
    Point accuracy (mm)
    1 (at 200mm)
    Point to point distance (mm)
    0.5 (at 200mm)
    Working Range Far (m)
    750 ((0.75m))
    Colour Capture
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    Model USD
    product_digiscan_polhemus_fastscancobra FastScan Cobra - Single camera tracked wand system
    Includes Carrying Case, Stylus Compatible, Processor Unit, TX2 Tracker, Transmitter, RX2 Tracker Reference Receiver, System Software, Installation Manual, Interconnect Cable
    Price on
    product_digiscan_polhemus_fastscancobra FastScan Scorpion - Dual camera tracked wand system
    Price on
    product_digiscan_polhemus_fastscancobra Polhemus RBF
    Radical (Radial Basis Function Software) New Radial Basis Function Software automatically fills in holes,producing watertight files, and greatly enhances the functionality of the system.
    Price on
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