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Immersion Microscribe MX: Portable CMMs which offer metrology level accuracy     Online:
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Immersion Microscribe MX - Manual 3D Digitizers

MicroScribe MX portable CMMs offer metrology level accuracy, an easy-to-use articulated arm design, and seamless integration with the most popular reverse engineering and metrology software packages. The MicroScribe portable CMM supplies a new, more cost-effective alternative for manufactured parts inspection, reverse engineering, and high-accuracy 3D digitizing.

Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, CNC applications, Mold Making, Product Development, Manufacturing, Automotive, Character Development, Video Games, Animation, Art, ARChitectural Rendering, Scientific and medical visualisation are just a few of the areas where MicroScribe's are used today.

Immersion Microscribe G2: accurate and affordable 3D digitising system.
MicroScribe MX is a highly accurate, affordable portable measurement CMM available in four models:

MicroScribe MX 每 available in 5 or 6 degrees of freedom
Accurate to 0.002" (0.0508 mm) using Effective Diameter test. (See our testing methods.)
Reach: 25" (.63 m)

MicroScribe MLX 每 available in 5 or 6 degrees of freedom
Accurate to 0.003" (0.0762 mm) (see our testing methods)
Reach: 33" (.84 m)

Available Drivers 每 Allow MicroScribe MX to function within a multitude of third-party software packages.

Versatile Base 每 Sits on desk, mounts on a fixture plate, or attaches to various Surfaces.

Interface 每 USB 2.0

Laser Based Solution

The new range of laser 3D Sensors from MVT provides a non-contact laser scanning solution including colour-per-vertex capture for six degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) MicroScribe digitizers and portable CMMs. A world's first for handheld 3d scanning.

Applications include -
3D graphics for artistic presentation, animation, education, and training
Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping for industrial design and production
Industrial inspection and quality control
Physical analysis for product development, materials evaluation, reseARCh, and development

For more information please visit our MVT product page.

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Immersion Microscribe MX

    Product specifications in details.
Spec product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion
Immersion MicroScribe-MLX 6 DOF
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion
Immersion MicroScribe-MLX
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion
Immersion MicroScribe-MX
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion
Immersion MicroScribe-MX 6 DOF
Workspace (mm) 1670 (Sphere) 1670 (Sphere) 1270 (Sphere) 1270 (Sphere)
Point accuracy (mm) 0.0762 0.0762 0.0508 0.0508
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Model USD
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion MicroScribe-6MLX
Price on Application
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion MicroScribe-MLX
Price on Application
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion MicroScribe-MX
Price on Application
product_digiscan_immersion_microscribemx Immersion MicroScribe-MX 6 DOF
Price on Application
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a ﹛Yes.
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