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Immersion Microscribe G2
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Immersion Microscribe G2: Accurate and affordable mechanical range of manual 3D digitiser.     Online:
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Immersion Microscribe G2 - Manual 3D Digitizers

MicroScribe™ G2 is an accurate and affordable 3D digitising system which captures the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translates them into 3D models. Immersion's mechanical tracking technology is built into a unique attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use. MicroScribe provides a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use method for creating accurate 3D computer models. Just trace over the contours of a physical object, of any shape, size, and material, and build complex 3D data sets in a matter of minutes. A variety of software packages provide the solutions you need to get up and running in no time. 

Immersion Microscribe G2: accurate and affordable 3D digitising system.

immersion microscribe G2  
4 models to choose from:
  • MicroScribe-G2
    perfect for animators and graphics professionals.
  • MicroScribe-G2X
    ideal for engineers and scientists.
  • MicroScribe-G2L
    offers an extended workspace for digitising convenience.
  • MicroScribe-G2LX
    extended workspace with high accuracy.

    Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, CNC applications, Mold Making, Product Development, Manufacturing, Automotive, Character Development, Video Games, Animation, Art, ARChitectural Rendering, Scientific and medical visualisation ........ thats just a few of the areas where MicroScribes are used today.

    The award-winning MicroScribe G2 is truly the ultimate 3D digitising system, featuring Immersion's tracking technology in a unique, attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use. Constructed from the highest quality components, housing precision bearings and digital optical encoders which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. The counterbalanced MicroScribe arm allows you to digitise smoothly and effortlessly over objects of any material, using point by point or continuous sampling to capture the geometry with utmost ease. Just plug it into a spare serial or USB port and it works!

    Compatible Software

    3D modelling/ Animation/ Rendering Software

    -3Ds max
    -Light Wave 3D
    -Autodesk VIZ

    Cad/ Cam/ Inspection Software

    -Pro/ ENGINEER
    -Auto CAD
    -Delcam power shape
    -Rhino 3D

    Immersion Software

    -Microscribe Utility software
    -Software Defelopment Kit (PC and Mac)

    Software Support

    To take advantage of the microscribe technology you can either use the dedicated software application or use inone of the many software drivers that link to the microscribe G2 systhem to exisitng 3D applications.

    0.38mm (0.015")
    1270mm (50" )Sphere
    0.23mm (0.009")
    1270mm (50" )Sphere
    0.43mm (0.017")
    1675mm (66" )Sphere
    0.30mm (0.012")
    1675mm (66" )Sphere
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    Immersion Microscribe G2

        Product specifications in details.
    Spec product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion
    Immersion Microscribe G2
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion
    Immersion MicroScribe-G2L
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion
    Immersion MicroScribe-G2X
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion
    Immersion MicroScribe-G2LX
    Workspace (mm) 1270 (Sphere) 1675 (Sphere) 1270 (Sphere) 1675 (Sphere)
    Point accuracy (mm) 0.38 0.43 0.23 0.3
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    Model USD
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion Microscribe 5G2
    Price on Application
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion MicroScribe-5G2L
    Price on Application
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion MicroScribe-5G2X
    0.23mm Accuracy, 1270mm Sphere Each of the G2 MicroScribe UK systems are complete packages with UK Power Supply, Twin Digital Foot-pedal, Serial & USB cable, Single user MicroScribe application/diagnostic software licence (MUSE05) for Windows, printed user documentation, 2 year manufactures RTB limited warranty. Peripheral and software options are available in addition when purchasing a system, however, there is no compensation value for included items not required in the above systems.
    Price on Application
    product_digiscan_immersion_microscribeg2 Immersion MicroScribe-5G2LX
    Price on Application
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     a  Yes.
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