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3D Systems InVision XT 3D Printer: High resolution 3D printing in durable plastic material. Exceptional Surface detail and finish.     Online:

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3D Systems - InVision XT 3D Printer

The standard in 3D modeling technology. The InVision XT delivers key advantages compared to other 3D modeling technologies: superior model quality, durable photopolymer materials, exceptional Surface finish and feature detail, and the ability to build extraordinarily complex models or patterns.

An INVision 3D printer model will grab and keep the attention of co-workers, clients, vendors, publishers, and others. When the models you present to others are a reflection of your company, you can rely on the InVision XT for the best possible model quality. The InVision XT combines 3D Systems' patented multi-jet modeling (MJM) printing technology with an acrylic photopolymer model material. The result: Your models are as durable as they are persuasive, ready for the inevitable stresses of handling and shipping.

Put affordable, automated model or pattern making capabilities at your fingertips. The InVision XT is easy to use. Simply save or export your 3D design to an .stl file format, run the InVision printer software, and "submit" your model or pattern for printing.

Keep your model making — and your intellectual property — in house. The InVision XT plugs into a standard office electrical outlet, and connects to your office network. Receive all the benefits of an in-house model making shop, and protect your designs from the security risks of outsourcing.

Outperform your competition. Increasingly, your competitors are using physical models to perfect their designs, enrich their presentations, impress their customers, and get the edge on you. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with the premier model-making or pattern-making solution: the InVision XT from 3D Systems.

plastic 3D prints


  • Ready-to-use models
  • Functional to withstand rigors handling and testing
  • Suitable for wide range of applications
  • Hands-free post processing
  • Capable of building extreme geometries
  • Detailed small features and thin wall models
  • Office friendly
  • User friendly operation


  • Models for:
    • Concept development
    • Design validation
    • Product Presentations
  • Prototypes for form and fit analysis
  • Patterns for casting or moulding


  • Fast multi-jet build speed
  • Productive independent of size quantity and complexity
  • Exceptional Surface quality
  • Outstanding part durability
  • Colour variety
  • Melt-away supports
  • Compact foot print
  • Quiet operation
  • Network compatible
  • Easy, intuitive client software
Plastic 3D Prints - Small Details

Product InVision 3D printer system (InVision 3D printer, software, VisiJet® material starter kit, warranty)

Technology Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM). Thermal material application, with UV-curing

Materials VisiJet M100 model material, VisiJet S100 support material Software InVision print client software Warranty 90 days (U.S.A. and Canada only) Hardware/Software Recommendation 1.8 GHz Pentium IV with 512 MB RAM/Windows XP Professional/2000/NT 4.0/Me/98 Input Data File Format .stl

Plastic 3D Prints



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3D Systems InVision XT 3D Printer

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Spec product_rapid_3dsystems_invision 3D Systems
3D Systems InVision 3-D Printer XT
Device Weight (kg) 254 (uncrated)
Operating Temperature (min) (° C) 18
Operating Temperature (max) (° C) 28
Dimensions (mm) 770x1240x1480 (uncrated)
Max Model Size (mm) 298x185x203
Resolution (DPI) 328x328x606
Noise (dBa) 65 (<)
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Model USD
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision 3D Systems InVision 3-D Printer XT
Includes system, delivery, installation, training, software and 12 months warranty
$ 75,040
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision VisiJet XT 200 Material
VisiJet XT 200 model material - White - Case of 8 1/2 Kg cartridges - for use with the InVision XT 3D printer only
Price on Application
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision VisiJet XT 200BL Material Blue
VisiJet XT 200 model material - Blue - Case of 8 1/2 Kg cartridges - for use with the InVision XT 3D printer only
Price on Application
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision VisiJet S100 Material
VisiJet S100 support material - White - Case of 8 1/2 Kg cartridges - for use with InVision XT & HR 3D Printers
Price on Application
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