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3Dlabs - Wildcat Series: High-end and entry-level professional 3D cards.     Online:
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 3Dlabs - Wildcat Series

Wildcat IV - Wildcat Realizm Range - Wildcat Realizm Multiview Option

Wildcat IV

Wildcat4 is the best choice for graphics-intensive environments where real-time performance and design integrity truly matter, offering:

  • Best image quality available on the desktop:
  • 10-bit sub-pixel accuracy
  • Exclusive SuperScene™ full scene antialiasing
  • High geometry precision and texture coordinate precision
  • Extends the desktop with:
  • Dual analog and digital monitor support

Maximum Performance with AGP8x
Wildcat4 takes full advantage of the new AGP8x interface standard, which transfers 2 GB of graphics information per second between the graphics card and system. Couple this with legendary Wildcat performance and you get super-charged graphics for the most complex projects.

Exclusive SuperScene Antialiasing
Forget about jaggies and crawling, twinkling edges. SuperScene antialiasing dramatically improves image quality with true, multi-sampled scene mode antialiasing. Wildcat4 boosts SuperScene anti-aliased resolutions to an amazing 1920 x 1080! Plus, SuperScene can be "forced" to work in any OpenGL window. Even applications with no native support for full scene antialiasing can experience improvements in image quality. With SuperScene, you get higher performance and significantly lower memory use than typical multisampled antialiasing techniques.

3Dlabs Wildcat 4
Wildcat IV

Six T&L Engines
Six T&L engines deliver outstanding performance - especially as scene complexity increases. Our T&L engines not only give you top performance, but also 32 light sources to work with for higher levels of real-time realism.

Abundant Memory
Apply numerous, extremely detailed texture maps without compromising performance. Large, dedicated frame buffer and texture memory support lets you create in rich, photorealistic shading and highly detailed textures - always in true color, with maximum depth accuracy and with double buffering enabled.

Complete OpenGL 1.3 Support
Complete OpenGL® 1.3 acceleration which sustains the highest level of real-time, on-screen OpenGL performance in the industry.

3D Volumetric Texture Support

Hardware accelerated 3D volumetric textures allow you to apply textures throughout the volume - not just the Surface - of any model. Wildcat4 provides real-time performance with 3D textures for applications such as medical imaging and GIS.

Wildcat 4 7110
256 MB DDR RAM total
Independent Dual Head 35.1 Million tri/sec
400.0 Million pixels/sec
29.4 Million vec/sec
Powerful high-end performance

Wildcat Realizm 800/100

Realizm 800:
Welcome to a new kind of Realizm ... where precision, speed and your creativity combine in ways you've only dreamed of. Get the power of the industry's most advanced visual processing right at your fingertips with Wildcat Realizm 800, the Ultra high-end, 640 MB, flagship in a fully programmable lineup of graphics accelerators developed exclusively for professional designers. 3Dlabs' 16x PCI Express-based graphics feature dual Visual Processing Units (VPU's). Twice the processing power. Twice the performance.

  • Optimized for Running Multiple Applications Simultaneously
    Designed to minimize CPU load while driving the graphics pipeline at maximum capacity. Innovative 256 GB virtual memory support shatters the limits of onboard memory by automatically handling huge datasets while caching essential data for fastest access
  • Maximum scalability, Maximum Performance
    3Dlabs' unique Vertex/Scalability Unit (VSU) delivers the ultimate in geometry (vertex) processing, allowing you to easily handle the largest models while also providing powerful and flexible Surface and vertex processing. Wildcat Realizm 800's VSU also enable dual VPU-configurations that literally double performance over single-VPU solutions. Huge fragment Shader program support for 256K individual instructions with looping and conditionals where competing technologies only support 64K
  • Video Display Capabilities
    Industry’s only isochronous command channel with fast context switching and automatic hardware scheduling to insure “glitch-free” effects with real-time video. Dual-link, dual display for today's megapixel display requirements. Capable of driving resolutions of 3840 x 2400 at the highest refresh rates.
  • Optimized Dual-Display Acceleration
    Innovative multi-VPU design allows improved graphics acceleration for your dual-display configurations
    Gives you more visual elbow room on your desktop
  • Windows Acuity Manager
    Next generation display management technology for application and performance optimization and control. Ergonomic, dual taskbar minimizes cursor and mouse movement for dual displays or 9.2-megapixel (3840 x 2400) displays
  • Minimal System Load = Maximum Graphics Acceleration
    3Dlabs professional-focused graphics accelerator driver works in close concert with the Realizm hardware to reduce your system's CPU and system memory load for all display related activities.


Other Models:

Wildcat Realizm 100: Advanced VPU, 256 MB, AGP 8x-based graphics solution. 

Wildcat Realizm Multiview Option

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm Multiview Option


The advanced Multiview option card supports framelocking, genlocking, synchronized framebuffer swap and synchronized refresh rate. The Framelock feature synchronizes display refresh and buffer swaps of multi-system displays and can be used simultaneously with genlock. The Genlock feature synchronizes video timing to an external timing source. When provided with an appropriate periodic signal, the graphic card will lock its display refresh rate to this signal.

  • Requires installed Wildcat Realizm graphics card
  • Most advanced Genlock/Framelock solution available
  • Enables multi-system video walls and supports genlock to a house signal
  • Supports tri-level sync for HDTV, bi-level
  • sync for NTSC and PAL



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3Dlabs - Wildcat Series

    Product specifications in details.
Spec product_cards_3dlabs_wildcat 3Dlabs
Wildcat IV 7110
product_cards_3dlabs_wildcat 3Dlabs
Wildcat Realizm 100
Memory Size (mb) 256 256
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Model USD
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision Wildcat IV 7110
128MB Frame, 128MB Texture, AGP Pro
$ 2,250
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision Wildcat Realizm 100
$ 780
product_rapid_3dsystems_invision Wildcat Realizm Multiview Option $ 735
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