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The OmniGlobe® Digital Spherical Display
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ARC Science Simulations strives to provide the most visually appealing digital spherical display available. Our Proprietary Enhanced Contrast Screen allows for the highest contrast and image quality and only the OmniGlobe® has a matte finish screen providing a natural appearance and no reflections from room lights.     Online:
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OmniGlobe® Technology

ARC Science Simulations strives to provide the most visually appealing digital spherical display available. Our Proprietary Enhanced Contrast Screen allows for the highest contrast and image quality and only the OmniGlobe® has a matte finish screen providing a natural appearance and no reflections from room lights.


The innovation doesn't stop there. With ARC's patented reflective optics, we are able to combine two wide format High DefInition (HD) projectors to create the 60” Dual OmniGlobe®, Reaching a much higher level of brightness and image detail, and the ultimate in image quality.

OmniGlobe® Configurations

The OmniGlobe® is currently available with 32 inch or 60 inch diameter spheres. With our proprietary Enhanced Contrast Screen treatment, both show very well under brighter ambient light conditions, and brilliantly under typical museum lighting conditions.

And for installations with more limited space, ARC also offers the “DayGlobe™”, a half-sphere system for wall mounting.

Each system is customized with the appropriate projectors for the lighting conditions in the desired display area, the content to be run, the level of interactivity wanted, the kiosk control system and sound system if requested. ARC understands that each clients requirements are unique and we will recommend the most appropriate configuration for each project.

OmniGlobe® Software

The OmniGlobe comes with two software packages pre-installed:

ARC's OmniExplorer™ presentation software allows for OmniGlobe owners to quickly and easily change the content displayed on the OmniGlobe. This can be done by an administrator behind the scenes to periodically change the OmniGlobe content, or by a teacher or instructor wishing to give a specific presentation. Adding new content is as easy as creating and saving images into an appropriate file folder. OmniExplorer will take care of changing the geometry of the image so that it is displayed correctly on the OmniGlobe and will automatically generate icons for that content for selection with a mouse or touch screen.

The OmniExplorer software provides for many possible levels of viewer interactivity allowing for the viewer to change images or animated sequences, rotate and tilt images and animations while playing, and go backward and forward in an animated sequence. Multiple projects can be created for various topics, and linked together for a hierARChical organization if desired. A presentation on the planets could include sub-projects dealing with the planets, their moons, the sun, and other space related content. A presentation on global warming issues could tie together climate data, human impact, and ecological impact.

OmniExplorer can operate in either a presentation design mode or an interactive exhibit mode. In design mode, the project designer can create custom presentations or content screens for the OmniGlobe. Animations, images, and interface behaviors can be selected and assigned to touch screen buttons for use during the presentation or for user interactivity. In exhibit mode, the project design features don't appear so that visitors can only select the images or animations offered by the active project.

ARC's Geometer™ software is used for formatting movies and animated sequences for the spherical screen geometry. Input movie frames are 2:1 rectangular images created in a 2D animation program such as Adobe AfterEffects®. Input frames can also be created with 3D animation software by using the Geometer™ to combine four camera views. Such frame sequences are then converted by the Geometer™ into the required "super fisheye" geometry before final movie compilation using an appropriate animation codec.

Although movies are not as interactive as images and animated sequences, they are appropriate for “story-telling” presentations. They may be long duration and incorporate many graphic sources and effects including audio narration and music. For exhibits using only movies, two or more movies can be selected using an Adobe Flash® interface designed for the exhibit.

OmniGlobe® Advantages

ARC Science Simulations had a long history in Earth and space simulations before we invented the first spherical display system and installed the first OmniGlobe® in 2002. This commitment to high content aesthetics and good science is consistently found in the content we continue to create and provide for the OmniGlobe®.

ARC Science Simulations provides the most accurate depiction of the Earth and planets in space and creates high quality, interactive animations depicting the changing Earth.

The OmniExplorer™ presentation software provides for many possible levels of viewer interactivity. Using a touch screen, viewers can select images or sequences, turn layers on and off, rotate and tilt images and animations and go backward and forward in animations. And OmniExplorer™ sets a new standard for ease of creating interactive presentations.

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The OmniGlobe® Digital Spherical Display

    Product specifications in details.
32" OmniGlobe
60" OmniGlobe
60” Suspended OmniGlobe
Screen Diameter
31.5" (80cm)
59.6" (1.5m)
59.6" (1.5m)
Screen material
Rear screen vinyl Surface material on rigid acrylic shellWindows PC
Base/Projector housing
Cylindrical pedestal, 20”(50cm) dia.
Stepped Cylinders, 45”(1.14m) dia.
Ceiling Cabinet
Overall height from floor
72" (1.8m)
87" (2.2m)
Recommended 24” – 30” off of floor
Custom base finish/configurations
yes (height, including tabletop)
yes (height from floor)
Enhanced contrast screen
Optimum viewing distance
3 feet or more
6 feet or more
6 feet or more
by ARC
by ARC
by ARC
Single SXGA+
Single SXGA+
Dual 1080p
Dual 1080p
Projector (ANSI Lumens)
8,200,10,200 or 12,000*
8,200, 10,200 or12,000*
Effective screen illumination (average)
1,177 lux
535 lux
800 - 1,170 lux
800 – 1,170 lux
Resolution (pixels on screen)
Light valve technology
Dual lamp/economy mode
Lamps/ life (full power)
one/1500 hr
two/ 1700 hr
Four/2000 hr
Four/2000 hr
Power consumption
less than 300 W
1050 W
1050 W
1050 W
Weight (approx.) with projector
60 lbs
235 lbs
280 lbs
300 lbs
Depending on Color Wheel selected with the projector
  • Suggested Maximum Light Ambient: 10% of effective screen illumination (compare to above). Depends upon nature and character of displayed graphics.
  • Display computer: All standard bases can accommodate PC and audio hardware. Options for simplified or automatic boot-up, shut down are available.
  • Interface options: Animations and other content selection by buttons or touch screen. Other options are available.
  • FAQs
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     q: Is it OK for people to touch the screen?

     a: Yes, but we don't recommend encouraging it. The screen consists of a soft vinyl rear projection film bonded to an acrylic shell. The vinyl has a matte finish that does not readily show finger marks, but it can be scratched and gouged. Cleaning should be infrequent, but when required any non-agressive cleaning solution (slightly soapy warm water, alcohol, etc.) can be used with a cloth or soft paper towel, etc.

     q: How fragile is the screen?

     a: Not very. Structurally, the screen is an acrylic spherical shell. It isn't easily broken, but contact with objects that might deliver a Sharp blow or gouge the vinyl should be avoided. Damage to the vinyl cannot be repaired, so depending on the environment it is to be installed in, it may be advisable to install a railing system around the OmniGlobe.

     q: How dark does the viewing ambient need to be?

     a: Typical museum lighting is fine. Such lighting is subdued, but easily adequate for "reading a newspaper". The screen has a low reflection matte Surface, but bright lights will reduce the image contrast. For relatively bright ambients, and anywhere the extra "pop" is wanted, we recommend our Dual Projector System. This system also offers higher resolution than the single projector system.

     q: What is the best viewing distance?

     a: Just as in a movie theater, the best seats are not in the front row. For the fully spherical OmniGlobe, a nice viewing distance is about twice the diameter (10 feet for the 60" globe and 4-5 feet for the 32" globe).

     q: Who besides ARC creates content?

     a: Anyone can. As discussed on our "Creating Content" page, content can be as simple as a 2:1 rectangular global image (we prefer 3000x1500 pixel JPG's). We can provide a base Earth image or you can choose your own background image and overlay whatever global data you'd like to see. Once the images are created they can be displayed on the OmniGlobe using ARC's OmniExplorer software. This includes the ability to display complex animations created in 2D software such as Adobe AfterEffects and converted to the spherical geometry using ARC's Geometer software. Content can also be created with powerful 3D software packages such as Discreet's 3D Studio Max® or NewTek's Lightwave®. The images and frames of animations are automatically converted into the correct geometry for display on the OmniGlobe by ARC's Geometer software.

     q: Can we have multiplemovies or images on our OmniGlobe?

     a: Yes. And they can be set up to be selected by visitors or staff. Visitor selection is typically accomodated using a touch screen monitor. Movies can also continuously loop.

     q: Can movies have audio?

     a: Yes. Audio is easily added to movies.

     q: What hardware do the movies and images play from?

     a: A PC configured for good video performance. The software, images and movies will reside on the hard disk. The PC generally resides inside the base of the display system, although it can also reside in the kiosk or some other location close by.

     q: What is the life and cost of the lamps?

     a: Depending upon the projector, they are generally rated at 1500 to 2000 hours in standard power mode, and as much as 4 times that in the economy mode (low brightness setting) available with some projectors. Replacement lamps generally fall in the range of $400 to $600 per lamp.
     q: What are ARC's warranty and service policies?

     a: The projector and computer are standard products covered by their respective manufacturer's warranties, generally 1-2 years parts and labor. ARC warrants the rest of the system, which is principally the screen and optics, for one year for problems or failures due to workmanship or materials, and which are not intentional or inadvertent damaging acts at the exhibit site.

     q: What is the delivery time from order placement?

     a: The OmniGlobe system can generally be delivered 8-12 weeks after the initial down payment. ARC created custom content may take longer depending upon the complexity and customer requirements.
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