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Z Corporation ZEdit™ Pro
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ZEdit™ Pro software is the fastest and easiest way to prepare 3D data files for printing on Z Corporation 3D printers.     Online:
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Z Corporation ZEdit™ Pro
ZEdit™ Pro software is the fastest and easiest way to prepare 3D data files for printing on Z Corporation 3D printers.

It enables users of 3D mechanical CAD software to verify and ensure that geometric data is printable; apply colors, texture maps and labels to models; and print very large prototypes in component pieces. It also transforms files never originally intended for 3D printing, including those produced by 3D Digital content creation software used in ARChitecture and animation. ZEdit Pro makes these files 3D printing-ready, often with a single click.

Challenges and the ZEdit Pro Solution
Today minor issues with 3D data can interrupt access to 3D printing, or require file-fixing software that is costly, complex, and not designed for printing models. The challenge is particularly troublesome for service bureaus and others who work with many files types in varying levels of refinement. ZEdit Pro is the solution. It is the first 3D-data preparation tool designed specifically for Z Corporation 3D printing, with no unnecessary steps to slow you down, automated operation, and menu-driven prompts that make it easy to learn and use.

Work Fast — One Click Access to Four Key Areas of Functionality.

Features & Benefits
ZEdit Pro's industry-first capabilities focus on three functional areas that improve the quality of 3D printed models and enable more full-color 3D content to be printed. 
  • Automatically analyze whether a 3D data file is ready for 3D printing
  • Automatically detect problems
  • Use Autofix to correct issues with a single click
  • Repair geometries with the fewest possible steps, and menu-guided prompts. Close gaps. Repair meshes. Add depth.

    Add Color & Annotations
    ZEdit Pro makes it easy to add graphical elements to 3D data files to improve the communication value of the printed model. Simply follow the menu prompts to add color, texture, annotations and engineering labels. Create annotations from scratch, or apply graphics created in software like Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe Illustrator®.
  • Color parts by shell, Surface or triangle
  • Apply texture maps, project labels, logos, images or other graphics directly to the Surface of the part
  • Crop labels across edge lines and automatically wrap around contours
  • Easily size, shrink, expand and move labels once applied to parts
  • Add colored text, circles and arrows to Surfaces, for instance to highlight a subtle but important feature. Markup capabilities support multiple languages
  • Print preformatted engineering labels on the Surface of parts to communicate part information. Includes standard, customizable templates plus an easy-to-use label editor
  • Take advantage of built-in prompts for ease of use
  • Leverage the .zpr file format to retain color and texture mapping information in a single file for later use or analysis

    Prepare Models
  • Create models larger than the build size of the printer, in component pieces
  • Single-click splits file into two pieces
  • Single-click creates pins and holes for reassembly of sections after printing
  • Easily hollow solid objects to reduce weight and save money
  • Create bases and pedestals for models, and other simple new geometry

    Work Fast

    One-click access to four key areas of functionality; Fix Model; Paint & Texture; Print Preparation; and View Model

    Fix Models

    Detect & view gaps in geometry One-click - select gap One-click - fill gap

    Add Color & Graphics

    Select target part Add impact with logos, color and graphics One click - apply engineering label Print Large Models, in Parts

    Print Large Models, in Parts

    Define where to split model into component parts One click - split model One click - add pins & holes to simplify later assembly Reduce Weight, Save Money

    Reduce Weight, Save Money

    One click - add drain hole for powder removal One click - hollow part to reduce weight, material use
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    Spec Z Corporation ZEdit™ Pro
    Supported File Formats
    Import .zbd .zpr .stl .ply .vrml (wrl) .3ds
    Export .zpr
    Minimum System Requirements (Software/ZPrinter)
    QS Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows XP® Professional, or Windows Vista™ (Business and Ultimate) 32-bit Operating Systems
    CPU 3.2GHZ or better (recommended)
    RAM 2GB or better (strongly recommended)
    Graphics True Color Graphics
    pixel 1024 X 768 pixels, or better
    acceleration 16 bit or better with OpenGL acceleration
    free space 1GB free space
    Base Ethernet 10/100 Base T
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