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The HapticMASTER is a 3degrees of freedom, force controlled haptic interface.     Online:
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Haptics and Robotics - Ultra High Realism
Moog has been creating products in flight and automotive simulation that effectively applying haptics technology for many years. Now we apply this experience by providing products ranging from complete training to systems to customizable tools to leading-edge applications including training, operational assembly and medical rehabilitation.

Leading-Edge Features
The basis of our products for haptics and robotics is our patented control technology which allow for the most precise of movements that a person can easily feel and respond to in training, operational or assembly situations. Our range of products has been developed be high performance, realistic and also easy to use to help solve real-world problems in new ways.

Three of our core systems offered to the marketplace are: The HapticMaster, Wristalyzer and Dental Trainer.

The HapticMaster is our technology demonstrator and the basis of many of our applications in rehabilitation, and assembly training. It is the core system for a variety of projects where advanced Virtual Reality is required.

The Wristalyzer is a one-degree-of-freedom wrist perturbator for neurological reseARCh and diagnostics.

Our dental trainer provides high end dental simulation and training and is a complete, proven training system for dental schools.

Our products and systems feature:
• Advanced control technology - A unique admittance control paradigm using a force sensor for high fidelity feel
• Flexible software interface - Providing maximum flexibility in creating new applications.
• Reliability - Proven technology and patented control algorithm allow the full spectrum of movement from very high to very delicate forces.
• Greater precision and realism - The control paradigm allows very precise master-slave control and greater realism, even under network delays.

High Performance Haptic


The HapticMASTER is a 3degrees of freedom, force controlled haptic interface.

The device has unprecedented stiffness, mechanical robustness and stability, including master-slave stability under delays.

Haptic Server and Haptic Client
A dedicated real-time computer (Haptic Server) comes with the machine.

The admittance control loop runs inside this computer, freeing the user's computer (Haptic client) from all real-time performance constraints.

Most models and effects are just downloaded once through simple API calls to the haptic server overran Ethernet link or the LAN and are rendered independently by the haptic server. 

The client computer only needs to request position information from the server for graphics diplay or similar, and to change the models rendered as needed by the application.

  • Robotic rehabilitation
  • Simulation
  • Autonomous robots
  • Master slave
  • Haptic reseARCh
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    Haptics - Robotics

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