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Hexamite HX17 Ultrasonic Positioning System
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The hx17 is a successor to the hx5 and hx11 systems. Designed for tracking operations only, it is simple and easy to apply. It comes with comprehensive software packages.     Online:
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HX17TK Ultrasonic Positioning System
  • Coverage from a few square meters to thousands
  • Speeds up to 30 positions per second per transmitter
  • Immunity to temperature changes
  • Easy setup
  • Up to 136 receivers per grid network
  • Coverage up to 2100m2 per network at 9mm absolute accuracy
  • Low introductory price

    The hx17 is a successor to the hx5 and hx11 systems. Designed for tracking operations only, it is simple and easy to apply. It comes with comprehensive software packages, utilizing visual basic as a fast track to help reduce the interval between project initiation and commercialization.

    Large System
    (for 3D (x,y,z) operation the overhead receivers cannot all be in the same plane)

    Small System
    (for 3D (x,y,z) operation the overhead receivers cannot all be in the same plane)

    The Hexamite positioning systems are not ping systems, they all read the character content of the ultrasonic signal and can therefore tell thousands of transmitters apart. Actions like clapping hands can created high volume spikes in the ultrasonic range that will demolish the simple ping. Hexamite systems have high immunity to such spikes and disturbances, and can recognize a specific signal in a jungle of echoes.

    Hexamite offers two types of controllers as illustrated above, one with a straight ASCII serial port (RS232) interface, this controller HX17BAB computes the position of the tags based on difference in time of flight and transmits the result through a serial port.

    The other option for the controller, is a HX17nr network reader. This device synchronizes and delivers the Id and timing data to a PC, the PC computes the positions based on the time deviation. It stores the result on a file and distributes real time data through direct data exchange (DDE), for other applications.

    The HX17 network

    Three basic components are used to form a HX17 network, i.e. ultrasonic receivers hx17rx, ultrasonic tags hx17tx and a network reader hx17nr. The HX17nr synchronizes the network and collects tag IDs plus time of flight of the ultrasonic signal. This data is transmitted to a readout device like the PC through a USB port. Programs shipped with the system on a CD compute and store the tags position, these also make refined real time data available to the programmer via DDE software interface. The DDE data string contains the tags ID, XYZ position in millimeters, time stamp, record number and which receivers detected the ultrasonic ID from the tag. Hexamite provides a flat 2d viewing program for demonstration purposes.

    The Overhead Receivers HX17RX

    This device is designed to be a part of a hx17 network grid, when a USID (ultrasonic ID) from a tag is detected the receiver transmits over RS485 network the ID of the tag and the precise time of arrival. Sending the ASCII character $ at a rate of 1Mbaud on the HX17 network will clear the timers of all the devices simultaneously. Following is the result from the detection of tag 2:
    <2 4 2576307>142
    <2 1 2587377>148
    <2 3 2588537>149
    <2 2 2599700>142

    The above indicates tag 2 was detected by receiver 4 at 2576307 timer counts from the reception of $ (the synchronization signal). Each timer count interval is 62.5 nanoseconds, hence the signal arrived 161019 microseconds after synchronization. The second line indicates the signal from tag 2 was received by receiver number 1 at 161711 microseconds after synchronization and etc.

    Data is within the brackets shown above, following the brackets is the checksum of the string, or a single byte accumulation of the ASCII codes up to and including >.

    Hx17rx is designed to work on a multi-drop network, each device checks if the line is clear before transmitting data, if the line is not clear, it waits and tries again, data collisions are rare.
  • Power Supply: 5 - 12 volts DC
  • Current Consumption Action: 5mA
  • Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Port:FCC RJ11
  • Com parameters: 1000000,8,1,N(ASCII)

    The Network Reader Hx17nr

    Hx17nr reads the data from the Hx17 receivers, it transmits $ periodically and listens for the response from the HX17rx receivers. The data is made available through a RS232 interface using DB9 connector. Programs like the Hx17xyzDDE, receive data through the hx17nr and use the time difference to determine the position of the ultrasonic tags at very high rates. The position is made available to other applications on the computer via DDE, and the user has the option of collecting tagID XYZ coordinates and a timestamp to a file. The file name plus the timestamp indicate time of signal reception to a resolution of 10mS. The HX17nr has a power connector on the side, this power connector will power up all the hx17 receivers on the network. Optionally the power can be supplied directly to the network through the FCC RJ11 connector found on the HX17NR. An LED on the HX17nr will toggle on or off whenever a receiver detects a tag.
  • Power connector input: 5-12Vdc
  • Current consumption: 6mA
  • Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Communication 250K / 1M baud (ASCII)


    This version of network reader behaves the same way the RS232 version above. It has no power plug on the side like the RS232 reader, it delivers power to the network from the USB port, i.e. the power to the network is delivered by the computer device. Like the HX17NR the HX17NR-USB toggles a blue LED seen through the translucent box on or off whenever a receiver connected to the FCC RJ11 box detects a tag.
  • Current consumption: 8mA
  • Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Communication 250K / 1M baud (ASCII)

    HX17BAB position reader

    Like the network readers above the HX17BAB reads the data from the hx17 receivers on the network. But it is also able to use the time difference of the arriving signals to compute the XYZ position of a SINGLE tag. The tag ID XYZ position and a timestamp is transmitted through the DATA OUTPUT port of the HX17BAB. It should be noted that unlike the program Hx17xyzDDE which handles many tags simultaneously, the HX17BAB only handles one tag. So for a multiple tag system a HX17BAB is required for each tag. In a multi hx17BAB systems unit labeled 1 is always a master and must control the synchronization. It is possible to parallel connect as many HX17BAB devices as needed. Receiver network data runs at 1Mbaud, while Data Output runs a 250Kbaud.
  • Power connector input: 7-12Vdc
  • Current consumption: 30mA
  • Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm

    The Hx17 battery transmitter/tag

    HX17T is an ultrasonic transmitter; it transmits ultrasonic identification periodically. The transmission-triggering rate is selected through the bottom hole on the face of the unit. Holding the button down using toothpick or something similar lets the user select the triggering rate. An blue LED is visible through the translucent box indicating the rate of transmission. The bottom button is held down until the LED on the unit flashes, as the user continues to hold the button down the LED flashes at increasing rates, the ultrasonic identity is transmitted every time the LED flashes. It is possible to hear the transmission clicks from the ultrasonic transmitter on the device. Hexamite offers a few versions of Hx17 ultrasonic tags.

    Units with cans protruding from the surface typically have a better forward range (or higher directionality). Here the range is up to 8 meters. Units with Surface hole have better distribution to the sides, circular with range up to 6 meters.

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    Hexamite HX17 Ultrasonic Positioning System

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    Hexamite HX17 Ultrasonic Positioning System

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