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Tridelity 21" Single-Viewer Display
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Tridelity 21" Single-Viewer Display,2 views, portrait format, UXGA Resolution (1200 x 1600)     Online:
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Tridelity 21" Single-Viewer Display

2 views, portrait format, UXGA Resolution (1200 x 1600)

All display units of the SV2100 series offer an unmatched resolution of 960,000 whole RGB pixels per eye and a very high stereo separation. Through the resulting very low cross-talking of the 2 views, very strong spatial depth can be achieved (whether deep inside the display or floating outside in front of the screen). Even low depth differences of the displayed contents are spatially recognizable. This device meets the requirements of the most demanding users.

For all Single-Viewer displays of our SV2100 series, there are headtracking systems available. Theses headtracking systems ensure a more comfortable usage of the displays, and therefore offers the user more flexibility to position himself in front of the display. According to your applications´ requirements, you can choose between 2 different headtracking technologies.

Our tracking systems are available either as an "upgrade" option or they are already included as a complete package when the display is already equipped with the system. Through this we are able to provide our customers with the flexibility of ordering the tracking device later on as a simple hardware upgrade.

Autostereoscopic displays Basics
Autostereoscopic displays are special displays which allow many different types of content (objects, animations, pictures, videos, and advertising) to be seen spatially in 3D. The major innovation with auto-stereoscopic displays compared to former technologies is the fact that the Spatial Viewing becomes possible without the inconvenient need of “red-and-green” glasses, polarized glasses or shutter glasses.

This is achieved by among other things the application of optical technologies and elements (so called parallax barrier or lenticular lens panes) that ensure that each eye of the viewer sees a slightly different perspective. The human brain then processes these perspectives to a spatial picture.

The autostereoscopic technology can be basically divided in the following two main categories:

Five different perspectives are projected in front of the screen. Since these five perspectives are horizontally spread, many users can see in 3D at the same time in a wide area standing or sitting comfortably around the display. It is literally possible to walk around an object. 3D marketing and education becomes a reality.

The so-called digital signage market is the main target for this technology. It is about digital marketing in 3D in any place where customers or people passing can be reached with an advertising message: public places (airports, railway stations, and sports stadiums), department stores, shops, chemist's shops, fast food chains, etc. Furthermore Multi-View 3D displays can be used at fairs, events, conferences, general assemblies or for product presentations and company presentations in company entrance halls. The Multi-View technology can also be used for a clear and understandable transmission of information in schools, colleges, museums or tourism centers. Last but not least, it is also a new element for the fun industry such as at fun parks or in casinos and discotheques.

Single-Viewer devices work with two perspectives built up approximately 70 cm in front of the display. The main advantage compared to the Multi-View technology is a higher reachable resolution per eye and a better picture separation of the different perspectives. On the one hand this leads to the possibility to create content with a higher depth disparity - on the other hand very low depth differences can also be visualized spatially. For many applications where 3D precision is a key factor this feature is a major advantage.

In order to get a perfect 3D impression, the eyes of the user must be correctly positioned within the so-called sweet-spot. Alternatively, the user may find himself in the inverted spot where the right eye sees the perspective of the left eye and vice-versa.

Through the use of an optional tracking system, the sweet spot will be continually adjusted according to the viewer’s eye positions without suffering any loss of image quality.

The Single-Viewer technology is destined to the work as part of the modern "3D workstation". 3D imagination can considerably support and influence critical decisions and work steps in various fields. The target markets for this technology are vast. The most significant ones are the following: geo science information (e.g. landscape data processing and scenery measurement), medicine (e.g. keyhole surgery supported by 3D visualization: ENT, arthroscopy, and neurosurgery), satellite picture evaluation, CAD -design, prototyping and design engineering.

Enhance existing 2D media assets with TRIDELITY Toolkit or develop new 3D content

Integration of 3D media and content management of (larger) signage networks

Unmatched 3D Effect
  • 5 Views for maximum 3D-resolution
  • Unprecedented 3D depth
  • Large 3D viewing zone
  • Real stereo, real perspective, NO artificial 2D plus Depth Map
  • 3D watching for multiple viewers at a time
  • No need of 3D glasses / goggles

    Technology / compatibility
  • Flexible high precision optical element
  • High defInition parallax barrier
  • High quality anti-reflection, panel protection film
  • Plug-ins for 3D content creation with Maya®, 3D Studio Max®
  • 3D TECH driver for interactive compatibility with any Open G/L based 3D application, such as Google Earth, Autodesk, and many more
  • Content management and post production software kit

    Endoscopic Surgery
    Endoscopic surgery and the application of 3D displays in interaction with 3D endoscopes represent the future of modern surgery. Endoscopic, neurological, dental or arthroscopic surgeons can carry out local or long distance interventions, while they follow their actions in real-time, directly on a monitor. A TRIDELITY display considerably enhances the precision and realism of the surgEONs’ perspective, providing as close to a local and “inside” the subject experience as possible.

    The diagnosis of CT data or radiological data can be conducted much more precisely and more reliably using state-of-the-art 3D technology. The diagnosis and analysis in 3D helps the scan reviewer to better and more effective assess the patient’s condition prior to or during surgery.

    Molecular Modelling
    3D representation tremendously enhances the visualization and thus the investigation and development of new chemicals and drugs. With the use of specific software tools, molecular structures can be analyzed in detail and work processes can be carried out in real time in 3D, without the use of glasses or polarization filters.

    Product Recommendation
    For SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATIONS i.e. highly sensitive areas such as endoscopic surgery, we suggest deploying TRIDELITY’s SINGLE-VIEWER displays combined with a state-of-the-art tracking system.

    Our displays ensure the highest stereo-resolution in the industry, the most precise 3D depth quality in the market and excellent ergonomics throughout the process.

    For PRESENTATIONS to a larger audience during an exhibition, seminar or event, we suggest using TRIDELITY’s MULTI-VIEWER displays. Work results can be emphasized more effectively and presentations are more impressive.

    TRIDELITY is taking your gaming into a whole new dimension. With our autostereoscopic MULTI-VIERWER 24” display you are able to experience all forms of 3D entertainment: Movies, photos and of course, GAMES. And, the greatest thing about it:

    Through our award winning 5 view technology, you and your peers can simultaneously experience an unprecedented viewing comfort, that allows for hours and hours of 3D viewing without any glasses.

    Switch easily from 2D to 3D mode if you want and enjoy the following (and many other) major games:
  • World of Warcraft & WARCraft III
  • Transformers - The Game
  • Call of Duty (all versions)
  • Need for Speed (Most Wanted, Underground 2)
  • Battlefield (all versions)
  • Guild Wars
  • … and many more

    Satellite Image Analysis
    Aerial and ground surveillance of land zones and cities is already conducted today in 3D by the police and military. However, most of it is still done with older CRT monitors requiring shutter glasses or polarization filters.

    Several firms have pursued the development of new technical solutions such as high-quality “auto-stereo” systems over the last few years. So far, the lack of adequate stereo-resolution and poor freedom of movement for the user have been the major obstacles to the acceptance of this approach.

    Finally, the required quality standards have been reached by the excellent stereo-resolution and ergonomics provided by TRIDELITY’s Single-Viewer 3D displays combined with our affordable tracking solution. We are ready to prove this to you with an on-site product demonstration at your convenience.

    Suggested products:
    Single-Viewer 3D displays. with tracking systems

    Our reflector-based tracking system allows two users to work on one screen at the same time. Thus both users are able to investigate a certain land zone (‘second set of eyes principle’) on an alternating basis.

    The tracking software setting is selected so that one of the users becomes the ‘primary user’ whereas the second one will be defined as the ‘secondary user’. With these settings, the ‘primary user’ will be kept in the right stereo sweet-spot on a priority basis. However, as soon as the ‘primary user’ looks away or turns away his reflector, the sweet-spot appears to the ‘secondary user’ as his reflector is seen by the system. Another option allows a setting where the user positioned nearest to the screen automatically becomes the 'primary user'.

    3D displays are increasingly being used for simulation purposes. In contrast to 3D projections, using 3D displays means that far less space is necessary in order to evaluate simulated scenes. Flight maneuvers, for example, can be discussed easily by means of 3D displays. Mission rehearsals in 3D enhance the pilots’ imagination of the mission and therefore lead to a better learning effect and thus an improved analysis of a real situation that may be encountered later.

    Suggested products for single simulation trainings:
    Single-Viewer 3D displays with tracking system.

    Suggested products for learning groups or mission rehearsals:
    37" and 47" Multi-View displays.

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    Tridelity 21" Single-Viewer Display

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec Tridelity 21" Single-Viewer Display
    Size (diagonal) 21,3” (54cm)
    Panel resolution 1200x1600
    Number of views 2
    Ideal viewing distance 70 cm
    Technology parallax barrier
    Signal input 15-pin Dsub / DVI-I / DVI-D
    VESA 100 mounting  
    Dimensions mm (incl. stand) 360 (W) x 480-630 (H) x 247 (D)
    Weight (incl. stand) 11,8 kg
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