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The FARO Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® ever introduced. As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary Edge.     Online:
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The FARO Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® ever introduced. As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary Edge.

Designed with your input and built with our experience, the Edge continues to eclipse competitive models in every category. There is no comparable alternative product for the shop floor.

The Edge is a portable measurement arm that allows manufacturers to easily verify their product quality by performing inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse engineering.

The all new Edge is the first ever smart measurement arm. With a built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system, it becomes your personal measurement assistant. With its stand-alone basic measurement capability, the FARO Edge takes portable metrology to the next level.

The FARO Edge simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability.

Intuitive On-Board Measurement System
• Built-in touchscreen computer allows laptop-free basic measurements
SD Card and USB port for easy data export

Multi-Function Handle Port
• Seamless and interchangeable accessory integration
• Quick-change 7-axis handle
• Expandable capabilities

Smart Connectivity
• Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, and Ethernet ready
• Network capability allows for multiple devices to be managed and monitored throughout your facilities
• Synchronize multiple devices, ideal for larger measurement applications
• Expanded wireless range allows operation up to 200ft (61m)

Smart Sensor Technology
• Continuously monitors environment to ensure optimum performance
• Overload sensors warn against excessive external loads
• Temperature sensors compensate for changes due to thermal variations
• Tilt sensors detect setup and mounting stability issues

Improved Ergonomics
• 25% lighter weight handle – designed with new comfort grip
• Improved weight distribution and balance throughout
• Base handle designed for easy lifting and carrying

Internal Counterbalancing
• Exclusive FARO patented feature
• Provides comfortable stress-free use

Smart Working Volumes
• Available in 6ft (1.8m), 9ft (2.7m), and 12ft (3.7m)
• 7-axis for greater flexibility
• Durable die-cast aluminum enclosures

Improved Universal Quick-Mount
• Tool less mounting ring for quicker set up
• Pullout handles provide greater leverage

Multi-Probe Capability
• Various ball diameter, touch-sensitive, curved, and extension probes can be effectively used
• Available iProbe with automatic size recognition and built-in probe temperature sensor

Additional Features
• Durable die-cast aluminum base enclosure
• Wider joints for added stiffness
• Shorter base for improved stability
• Impact resistant ABS joint covers
• Home position cradle and magnetic probe restraint

The FARO Edge’s on board measurement software takes the essential functions from our powerful CAM2 metrology solution and delivers them in a user friendly icon-driven interface that provides autonomous operation for basic inspection without the need of a separate computer.

Basic Feature Measurement
• Quickly measure basic geometric features
• Check length and angular dimensions
• Easy part setup with simple, predefined alignment options
• Review and save results locally, to SD Card or USB drive

Probe Management
• Select and compensate multiple probe types
• Review probe history

• Create custom measurement routines for repetitive tasks
• Ensure measurement consistency with multiple users
• Incorporate your own part images for easy reference

On-Board Diagnostics
• Tilt and base deflection checks to ensure proper device setup
• Ambient temperature monitoring for improved measurement stability
• SPAT (Single Point Articulation Test) to verify device performance
• Event Log to automatically track and record device environment history

Personalized Settings
• Select from multiple languages
• Quickly switch between metric and English units
• Choose from various connection options
• Set display and sound options
• Power management and monitoring

The all new FARO Laser Line Probe adds unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities to your FARO Edge. With a wider laser stripe, it significantly increases scan coverage without sacrificing accuracy while providing exceptional speed and feature defInition.

Taking advantage of the Edge’s multi-function, quick-change handle port, the Laser Line Probe integrates seamlessly and instantly becomes part of the arm. With its light weight, compact design, it is completely unobtrusive.

The FARO Laser Line Probe delivers the best performance at the lowest price in the industry for a handheld laser scanning system.

Exclusive for the FARO Edge
• Designed with the latest technology to perfectly compliment the state-of-the art Edge

Small form factor
• The all new laser line probe is built as part of a detachable handle
• Incredibly small and completely unobtrusive, the new FARO laser line probe can be permanently attached without interfering with your regular workflow

Light weight
• The handle with laser line probe attachment weighs in at 7.8 oz (222.4g). The standard Edge handle alone weighs 5.1 oz (145.8g); so the laser line probe only adds an amazing 2.7 oz (76.6g)

Fully Integrated
• There are no external cables or controller devices required. Simply snap on the LLP attachment and the Edge arm becomes a complete contact/non-contact measurement system

Expanded coverage
• With a laser stripe that is nearly 4” wide (100mm), the laser line probe allows users to capture more data with fewer scan passes

Exceptional Speed
• Using advanced CMOS technology, the laser line probe offers a default scan rate of 60 frames per second producing over 45,000 points of three-dimensional data per second

Enhanced Range Finder
• The laser line probe uses the Edge arm’s built-in LED indicator lights to provide feedback by displaying a spectrum of colors varying from green when you are in optimum scanning range to red when out of range

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FARO Edge Laser Scanner

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