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FogScreen eZ Projection Screen
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The compact plug-and-play FogScreen® eZ projection screen delivers FogScreen’s attention-grabbing magic into almost any sized space.     Online:
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FogScreen eZ Projection Screen
Here you will find information about the different FogScreen® models: the smaller, plug & play eZ; the stunning, versatile eMotion; and the adaptable, robust, linkable, aptly named Pro. Each product page contains technical details, a short description, as well as, links to relevant reference cases.

The compact plug-and-play FogScreen® eZ projection screen delivers FogScreen’s attention-grabbing magic into almost any sized space.

The 1.03m wide New Generation eZ can bring the FogScreen® magic almost into any sized space, without inhibiting floor space. eZ is the perfect solution for permanent or non-permanent installations in the entertainment sector. With its plug & play feature, compact body design, Sharp image and virtually drip-free characteristics eZ can be adapted to fit any venue.

• Perfect for permanent installations and the entertainment sector
• Fixed 2m width, streamlined model
• Produces highest resolution laminar images
• Suitable for indoor applications in controlled environments

Walk-through interactivity
FogScreen® projection screens can be confgured with two separate types of interactivity:

• For kiosk applications the walk-through projection screen can become a large, foating touch screen. High resolution images can foat in the air and react to or interact with fnger touches on touch screen controls.

FogScreen® projection screen can also show images that can interact with and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either confguration, the screen can support branded cam- paigns and customized content that attracts attention and cap- tures your visitor’s imagination!

It’s as simple as it is stunning. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. You can walk right through a FogScreen projection screen without getting wet. The microscopic fog droplets actually feel dry to the touch, just like air.

The highly innovative yet simple-to-use product has been utilized to enhance product launches, trade shows, live entertainment, nightclubs, museums, theme parks and even private parties. FogScreen has won numerous honors, including the Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Award and Best Special Effect by the Club World Awards.

FogScreen is the company that changed projection technology forever – no more fixed screens. Instead, our breakthrough product, the FogScreen® projection screen, produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays - which is why FogScreen projection screen is used so often at product launches, trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, casinos and other venues.

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FogScreen eZ Projection Screen

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec FogScreen eZ Projection Screen
Unit dimensions

Width 103 cm (3.4 ft), depth 59 cm (1.9 ft), height 60 cm (1.95 ft)

Projection Surface Width 80cm (2.6ft)
Weight 85 kg (190 lbs)
Power requirements Voltage: 100-240 V, min 10A
Power consumption 1 kW
Water consumption

2-5 l/h

Operating temperature Normal room temperature, designed for indoor use. The operating temperature range is +5 to +40 °C
Controls User interface in the unit , IR control, DMX-512 control
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