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The High DefInition Imaging (HDI) 3D Scanner is a powerful solution for advanced 3D scanning while being one of the most affordable systems available on the market.     Online:
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The High DefInition Imaging (HDI) 3D Scanners are ready to use solutions for capturing digital 3D scans from physical objects in seconds. These 3D scanning systems are great for manufacturers, visual effects studios, reseARCh labs, and academic institutions that need complex 3D measurements for various applications (3D visualization, 3D inspection, reverse engineering, or rapid prototyping). Each system comes with a capturing unit and 3D scanning software.

With an adjustable field of view, the HDI 3D Scanner captures objects with a wide range of shapes and sizes without having to spend money on a new system every time a new requirement comes up. The HDI 3D Scanner is constructed using interchangeable hardware components (cameras and lenses) so users can simply upgrade these components to expand and/or customize the scanning system to suit your scanning needs.

HDI 3D Scanner Includes:
• One white light projector
• A pair of HD machine Vision cameras
• A pair of 12.5mm lenses
• Tripod support and HDI carbon fiber mount
• 3D scanning software (FlexScan3D Pro)

Complete 3D Scanning Solution
The HDI 3D Scanner is a structured-light 3D scanner that uses projected light patterns and a camera system for measuring the three-dimensional shape of an object. Based on white light technology, the HDI 3D Scanner offers faster scanning speed and full field scanning compared to 3D laser scanners. In addition to capturing objects in 3D, the HDI 3D Scanner includes basic integrated scan cleanup and processing capabilities.

The Scanning Process

A white light projector directs a series of reference patterns onto the scanning subject. The light deflects onto the object’s surface. This process helps to calculate the object’s depth and Surface information. Data is captured using a two machine Vision cameras.

The HDI 3D Scanner’s triangulation engine processes the images from the cameras to acquire the data needed to create the 3D model. Automated 3D capture drastically reduces the time and cost in capturing complex physical measurements.

There are 2 models of HDI 3D Scanners: HDI ADVANCE R1 and HDI ADVANCE R2.

The design of the HDI 3D Scanner follows the company’s core philosophy—flexibility. With an adjustable field of view, the 3D scanner can scan objects of different shapes and sizes. Components of the system can be upgraded to improve scanning performance. These attributes make the HDI 3D Scanner a perfect system for reseARCh labs, educational institutes, and manufacturers that need complex measurements for visualization, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping.

Designed for scanning detailed objects for high quality data output. This scanner is great for applications including reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

Great for industrial applications where detail and accuracy is extremely important, this system uses high quality 2MP monochrome CCD FireWire cameras and 5MP lenses.

Best Combination of Accuracy and Performance at an Affordable Price

The HDI 3D Scanners offer advanced 3D scanning at a fraction of the cost of comparable 3D scanning systems with equivalent industrial grade quality and accuracy. The HDI Advance R2 generates 3D scans up to 30 µm accuracy (based on 3D point distance with a fixed field of view at 200mm diagonal).

Fast Scan Speed with Full Field Scanning
While 3D laser scanners use laser beams that sweep across an object for 3D scanning, the HDI 3D Scanners use white light technology (also known as structured-light) that capture the full view of the object for faster scan speed. It captures a 3D scan in less than two seconds.

Built in Basic Post-Processing Capabilities
In addition to its powerful 3D data acquisition capabilities, FlexScan3D 3D scanning software includes the basic ability to process 3D scanner data. Post-processing 3D scanner data within FlexScan3D is ideal for fast and simple operations. Geomagic or Leios would be the best options for advance post-processing features.

Actual Photos

3D Scan Results

Flexible 3D scanning system

Ability to scan objects of different shapes and sizes by changing the 3D scanner’s field of view. As your 3D scanning needs change over time, upgrade the hardware components (cameras/lenses) to meet your new requirements.

Scans in Less Than Two Seconds
Fast scan speed reduces the opportunity that live subjects (people) will move during the scanning process.

Advanced 3D Scanning Capabilities
HDI Advance R1/R2 3D Scanner uses FlexScan3D PRO as the scanning engine. Advance features include:

• Color Texture Capture
Ability to capture high resolution color information using a Digital SLR camera.

• Photogrammetry Data Alignment
Yields more accurate data alignment results compared to other registration methods.

• Deviation Analysis

Mesh to mesh comparison to determine accuracy level and for bench marking.

• Multi-Head Scanning
Ability to control two scan-heads from a single PC to acquire data from different directions. The scanner data is then automatically aligned and merged. Operation with more than two scan heads would be an additional cost.

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3D3 Solutions HDI 3D Scanners

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec 3D3 Solutions HDI ADVANCE R1 3D Scanner 3D3 Solutions HDI ADVANCE R2 3D Scanner
Scanning Software FlexScan3D PRO
Cameras A pair of 1.3 MP Monochrome FireWire cameras with standard 12.5mm lenses A pair of 2 MP Monochrome FireWire cameras with 5 MP 12.5mm lenses
Average Points 1.1 million per scan 1.7 million per scan
Average Polygons 2.2 million per scan 3.5 million per scan
Sensor Black and White (Monochrome)
Scan Speed 1.3 seconds 0.9 seconds
Point to Point Distance 0.1mm (165mm diagonal field of view) 0.1mm (200mm diagonal field of view)
Accuracy 165mm diagonal field of view:
35µm (Standard Deviation: 35µm)
0.0014" (Standard Deviation: 0.0014")
310mm diagonal field of view:
60µm (Standard Deviation: 60µm)
0.0024" (Standard Deviation: 0.0024")
200mm diagonal field of view:
30µm (Standard Deviation: 35µm)
0.0012" (Standard Deviation: 0.0014")
400mm diagonal field of view:
50µm (Standard Deviation: 60µm)
0.002" (Standard Deviation: 0.0024")
Field of View Adjustable field of view to scan objects of different shapes and sizes
Preset: 165mm, 310mm, 455mm diagonal
Range: 165mm to 1500mm diagonal
Adjustable field of view to scan objects of different shapes and sizes
Preset: 200mm, 400mm, 600mm diagonal
Range: 200mm to 2000mm diagonal
Geometry Formats PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, 3D3
Computer Requirements
The 3D scanner comes with FlexScan3D PRO software to power the system. The software requires the use of a Personal Computer (supplied by the user). The scanner’s physical capturing unit will be connected to the computer using FireWire cables. The supplied FireWire card needs to be installed on a desktop computer to operate the 3D scanner.
Recommended Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
CPU: Dual- or Quad-core Intel 2 GHz or better
Memory: 4GB or greater
Video Card: 512MB
Hard Drive: Free disk space 50 GB or more
Minimum Operating System: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB video card (two video outputs)
Hard Drive: Free disk space 15 GB or more
Not compatible with Macintosh computers
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Model USD
3D3 Solutions HDI ADVANCE R1 3D Scanner Price on
3D3 Solutions HDI ADVANCE R2 3D Scanner Price on
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