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FlexScan3D is a 3D scanner software that interfaces directly with off-the-shelf cameras and projectors to create a custom 3D scanner.     Online:
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"Our custom built scanner uses 3D3 Solutions (FlexScan3D) software, and knocks the pants off just about every commercial scanner out there, in terms of quality, accuracy, speed, and versatility." -- Daniel Ferguson, Global Inspection Solutions

Build a Custom 3D Scanner Using FlexScan3D
FlexScan3D is a 3D scanner software that interfaces directly with off-the-shelf cameras and projectors to create a custom 3D scanner. The 3D scanner captures measurements of complex shapes quickly to create digital 3D models from physical objects in seconds. Take advantage of a range of supported hardware options available and choose the best combination of speed, accuracy, and cost for your particular application. This option is especially ideal for engineering and development companies who are seeking a low-cost alternative to building custom 3D scanners for industry applications.

Is FlexScan3D Software Right For You?
The software development solution is suitable for people who:
• want to build a custom 3D scanner themselves and have the time and resources for this purpose
• need flexible 3D scanning capabilities
• want to use their own hardware equipment
• who would like to manufacture their own 3D scanners in volume for OEM applications

Customizable and Flexible to Your Needs

Each 3D scanning project has its own set of challenges. Because FlexScan3D provides different hardware options, you can customize the 3D scanner to specific requirements. You don’t need to purchase a completely new system every time a new requirement comes up. Simply upgrade the hardware components to increase the performance of the 3D scanner.

Versatile for Scanning Different Objects Across Multiple Applications

FlexScan3D is capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by adjusting the scanner’s field of view. It is useful across many applications including industrial manufacturing, design, gaming, medical, arts, and ARChaeology.

Built in Post Processing Capabilities and Automation

In addition to its powerful 3D capture capabilities, FlexScan3D includes the ability to processing 3D scanner data. Scan data post processing is ideal for fast and simple operations. FlexScan3D also allows you to automate much of its operation though an API interface.

Advanced 3D Scanning Features
FlexScan3D Pro includes advanced workflow features such as photogrammetry data alignment, high resolution color texture capture, multi-head 3D scanning using a single PC, and deviation analysis.

FlexScan3D has two options:

• Capture 3D Geometry using One or Two Cameras

Flexibility in creating a 3D scanner using one or two cameras.

• Proven Industrial Accuracy and Performance
FlexScan3D has been used in inspection, production, and reseARCh environments.

• Post-Processing Capabilities for 3D Data Cleanup
Users can process 3D scanner data directly at the capturing Stage with built in data editing, alignment and merging capabilities.

• Newly Designed User Friendly Interface
An intuitive work flow that increase the efficiency of the 3D scanning process.

(Includes all features of Core + features below)

• Photogrammetry Data Alignment
Align 3D scan data automatically and accurately using markers. It yields more accurate data alignment results compared to other registration methods. (Minimum requirement: two cameras)

• High Resolution Color Texture Capture
Use a Digital SLR as a dedicated texture camera to capture ultra high resolution color information. Color maps resolutions range from 6 to 24 megapixels depending on available Digital SLR cameras.

• Deviation Analysis
Mesh to mesh comparison to determine accuracy level and for benchmarking.

• Multi-Head 3D Scanning using 2 Scan Heads from Single PC
FlexScan3D has the ability to control multiple scanners from a single PC to acquire data from several directions. The scanned data is then automatically aligned and merged.

3D Scanning Process
Based on white light technology, FlexScan3D Software uses a projector and camera(s) for measuring the three-dimensional shape of an object. White light 3D scanners offer the following advantages over laser scanners:
• Faster scan times
• Produce dense and accurate data
• Higher detail levels
• Full field scanning: It takes the full view of the object instead of using laser beams
• Safe for people, even to the naked eye

An Overview of the 3D Scanning Process

A white light projector directs a series of reference patterns onto the subject. The light deflects onto the object’s surface. This process helps to calculate the object’s depth and Surface information. Images of the data are captured using a one or two machine Vision cameras.

FlexScan3D’s triangulation engine processes the images from the cameras to acquire the data needed to create a 3D model. Automated 3D capture drastically reduces the time and cost in capturing complex physical measurements.

Supported Hardware
FlexScan3D supports the following equipment. The system can be setup using fixed or free form mounts.


Almost all white light / presentation projectors will work with FlexScan3D, although it should meet the following minimum requirements:
• Minimum resolution: 800x600
• Standard Projectors: 1500+ Lumen and DLP Based Recommended
• LED Projectors: 100+ Lumens

FlexScan3D supports the use of machine Vision cameras for 3D geometry capture.

Digital SLR cameras are recommended only as an external high color resolution texture capture (optional).

Machine Vision Camera for 3D Geometry Capture
A machine Vision camera is a small digital video camera that is connected to your PC using USB, FireWire, GiGE or another camera interface. These cameras are the same size as a standard web camera but offer significantly better image quality, capture speed and power.

For most basic applications we recommend using a black and white 1.3 megapixel USB camera with a standard 12.5mm lens since it is the best blend of performance, speed and cost. Brands of supported cameras include:
• IDS - All models except XS
• PTGrey - All models except camera link interface models

Digital SLR Cameras for External Texture Cameras (optional)
For most high resolution color texture maps, we currently recommend using a Canon Rebel T2i. Other supported texture cameras include:
• Canon Digital SLR
• EOS Rebel T2i
• EOS 1D Mark IV
• EOS Rebel T1i
• EOS 50D
• EOS Rebel XS
• EOS Rebel XSi
• EOS-1Ds Mark III
• EOS-1D Mark IIIEOS 40D
• Nikon Digital SLR

Nikon DSLR cameras manufactured after 2005 work with FS3D, D40x, D50, D60, D70s, D80, D90, D200, D300, D700 and newer cameras (2.6x only - 3.0 support coming soon)

Standard Digital Cameras

Any Point and Shoot Cameras that supports image acquisition via the generic windows WIA Driver

Technical support is provided for supported hardware only. 3D3 Solutions will only provide technical support for users using recommended machine Vision cameras (not Digital SLR cameras) for geometry capture.

Images sizes larger than 10MP are not recommended as most PC’s do not have enough memory to process the dataset.

Scan Modes
Flexscan3D Software supports different scanning and processing modes.

Single Scan

3D scanning using a single camera and projectorThis configuration is ideal when scanning speed and system cost is a higher priority than scanner accuracy.

Duo Scan

3D scanning using two cameras and projector
This configuration is good for high accuracy, and allows the use of marker alignment technology with FlexScan3D Pro.

Multi Scan

Multi-Scanner configuration using multiple cameras and projectors
An automated 3D scanning solution: This configuration is good for controlling multiple cameras and projectors connected to a single PC to maximize object coverage. The hardware can be configured for any combination of 3D scanning modes. Operation with more than two scan heads would be additional cost.

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3D3 Solutions FlexScan3D Software

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec 3D3 Solutions FlexScan3D Software
Scan Speed 1 to 8 seconds (depending on camera specifications)
Field of View 20cm to 150cm (1.5 meters) diagonal
Working Range 0.4 meters to 5 meters (depending on projector specifications)
Color Formats OBJ’s with UV texture map, PLY with color per vertex (when color cameras are used)
Geometry File Formats PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, 3D3, 3D3F
Accuracy Ability to achieve 3D Scan up to 30 micron (200mm diagonal field of view). Accuracy is dependent on hardware components used to build the scanner.
Scans per Object Minimal 4 scans for a 360° view
Recommended 8 scans for a full 360° view
FlexScan3D Computer Requirements
A laptop or desktop PC personal computer is required to run 3D scanner software, FlexScan3D.
Recommended Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
CPU: Dual- or Quad-core Intel 2 GHz or better
Memory: 4GB or greater
Video Card: 512MB
Hard Drive: Free disk space 50 GB or more
Minimum Operating System: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB video card (two video outputs)
Hard Drive: Free disk space 15 GB or more
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