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Vmsens MoX Suit (MoCap)
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MoX Suit is a flexible, camera-less full-body human motion capture solution. This portable system can be used indoors and outdoors.     Online:
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The patented technology at the heart of VMSENS systems enables them to meet performance levels that exceed by those of other commonly used tracking technologies. The inertial tracking solutions not only have the dynamic performance characteristics to meet the requirements of the most demanding tasks, but also applicable to many application areas.

VMSENS developed the new inertial tracking system to reach agility, accuracy, responsiveness, reliability, and robustness against any harsh environments.

We offer innovative ground-breaking solution to the sensing technology.

MoX Suit (MoCap)
MoX Suit is a flexible, camera-less full-body human motion capture solution. This portable system can be used indoors and outdoors.

No Markers, No Cameras, & No Occlusions starting from VMSENS Motion Capture, can be used in 3D character animation (for game, film, TV, advertising), Virtual Reality / Augments Reality, Training & Simulation, Sports science, Rehabilitation, Biomechanics reseARCh area.

Motion Capture(MoCap)
Motion capture, motion tracking, or mocap are terms used to describe the process of recording movement and translating that movement on to a digital model. It is used in military, entertainment, sports, and medical applications, and for validation of computer Vision and robotics.

Freedom Motion
• Full 3DOF tracking with no infrastructure requirements
• Ability to track fast movements with zero latency
• Fast click into the specially designed straps belt
• Completely ISM 2.4 GHz wireless radio frequency, worldwide license free use

Easy to Use
• Real-time motion capture visualization
• Unlimited capture volume
• 15 min setup time
• On-set and/or outside motion capture
• Can easily be worn under clothing
• Compatible with popular motion editors
• Occlusion-free motion capture solution
• Flexible solution
• Continuous use operating time (typical): ~5hours
• Up to 100 m in open space

• Full body Strapped Wear over normal clothing
• 17X iVM-w inertial motion tracker ( extended to 19X)
• Body-strap belt
• Comfortable lycra suit (Option)

3D MotionBox Studio

• Recording motion capture data easily
• .BVH and .FBX motion capture file formats Export
• Real-time 3D data visualization, playback
• Intuitive editing interface, save post-pressing time
• TCP/IP services, transit over internet
• Body inertial data output(Acceleration/ Angle velocity )
Autodesk Motion Builder ® real-time integration plug-in (optional)

The VMSENS iMTFusion™ algorithm rely on earth references of gravity and magnetic field, which exist everywhere, the suit itself is then able to operate virtually anywhere, resulting in a reliable orientation estimate. With the help of inverse kinematics, biomechanical models, the system determines the location of each body joint and applies that to the skeleton

Utilizes inertial sensors attached to human body that tracking real-time movements of each major bone segment.

• 3D character animation (for game, film, TV, advertising)
• Virtual Reality / Augments Reality
• Training & Simulation
• Sports science
• Rehabilitation
• Biomechanics reseARCh

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Vmsens MoX Suit (MoCap)

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