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Miracube VF-171P 3D View Finder
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Filming in 3D has become a lot easier and faster with Miracube 3D production and post production solutions. From set up to monitoring, Miracube is with you every step of the way in your 3D production.     Online:
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3D Studio System
Filming in 3D has become a lot easier and faster with Miracube 3D production and post production solutions. From set up to monitoring, Miracube is with you every step of the way in your 3D production.

3D Stereoscopic Viewfinder Key Features
· Portable with a carrying handle on top
· Real time monitoring
· Light weight
· Excellent Durability
· Adjustable flaps to block out the sun
· Professional Grade 3D Stereoscopic Display
· HD-SDI In & Out Ports
· Professional Grade Synchronizer for combining 2 feeds into one 3D movie file

Stereoscopic viewing and displays
A stereoscopic 3D Display can create the perception of depth on a flat screen by providing to each eye of a viewer a slightly different image of the same object.The difference is the same that we naturally perceive from our left and right eye when viewing a real object.

An auto-stereoscopic screen makes use of a spatial imaging system that allows enjoyment of steresocopic images without wearing speical glasses such as shutter glasses or polarized glasses. The C-Series uses 3D electro potic technology and imaging treatment technology, creating the illusion of third demensions beyond the confines of the screen's physical space.

A Parallax Barrier is an electro optic panel with fine. vertical slits that are placed at a regular spacing. This 3D electro optic panel is attached to the Surface of a LCD, and separates the light pathway of spatial images into images for left and right eyes so that users can perceive dimension. The C-Series makes the transformathon of 2D/3D possible with a push of a button, by applying an electronic parallax barrier.

The separathon of images for our G-Series is achieved by the use of polarising micro-optics, thet split a single display into two different polarised views, which are viewed correctly by left and right eyes when the viewer uses accordingly polarized glasses. Also here the display can eASLily be switched from 2D to 3D.

Our Dimen 3D LCD dispalys support all stereo imaging formats that are currently used; Interlaced, Frame/Field Sequential, Side-Field, and Sub-Field. These various forms of spatial images can be reproduced without any restrictions.

Micropolarizer technology
· Changes polarization of an LCD display on a line by line basis
· Periodic array of small polarizers that alternate between perpendicular polarizing states
· Usually left eye image on even lines, right eye image on odd lines
· Need for passive polarized glasses
· Requires composite image that contains both left and right eye information on a line-by-line basis

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Miracube VF-171P 3D View Finder

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec Miracube VF-171P 3D View Finder
Model Name VF-171P
Screen Size 17 inch [337.92(H) X 270.336(V) mm]
Stereoscopic Type Circular Glasses
Aspect Ratio 5:4 (DISPLAY 16:9 )
Stereo Type TN TFT color LCD
3D Format Sidefield, Frame Sequential, Top and Bottom
Mirror Processing Horizontal, Vertical Hardware based real time
Brightness 220 cd/m2
Resolution 2D : 1280 X 720
3D : 1280 X 360 (Left Image - Odd Number Field)
1280 X 360 (Right Image - Even Number Field)
Display Color 16.2M
Pixel Pitch 0.264 mm
Signal Support 1080 ( 23.98P, 24P, 29.97P, 25P, 30p, 59.94i, 50i, 60i )
720 ( 59.94P, 50P )
OSD Features 1080i,720P (Auto detect LED)
3D Mode : (Grid move and distance control, 4 corner zoom, center zoom in 3D, Reverse)
2D Mode : LR(Sidefield), FR(Frame Sequential), UD(Top and Bottom) Power (ON/OFF)
Left, L(H-M) , L(V-M) , Right, R(H-M) , R(V-M)
Input(Left/Right) HD-SDI * 2 (Left Camera , Right Camera)
Output(Stereo) HD-SDI * 2 (Left Camera Loop), HD-SDI * 2 (Right Camera Loop through)
Connector BNC female
Size 373 * 339.5(419) * 40 mm(W*D*H)/ including stand add 20mm
Weight 4.6 kg (includes mounting, Net Weight.)
Material(Exterior)/Color Aluminum/ Black (Colors are subject to change without notice.)
Power DC 12V 3A (MAX) / 2P DIN
Accessories Power Cable, Adaptor, 3D Glasses, manual, ARM,Durable Travel Case(Option)
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