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Lumiscaphe P3D CONF EXPLORER V5.2
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P3D Conf Explorer is the destination module of the configuration system for configuring the user interface.     Online:
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Lumiscaphe P3D CONF EXPLORER V5.2
Develop your real-time 3D interactive commercial applications

Share your 3D configuration system with your clients, on the interface of your choice.
P3D Conf Explorer allows you to exploit your configuration system, created with P3D Conf Builder, so as to develop real-time 3D interactive commercial applications.

P3D Conf Explorer is the destination module of the configuration system for configuring the user interface.

The P3D Conf Explorer application exploits the information exported by Conf Builder. The object of P3D Conf Explorer is to offer the user a configuration process in accordance with that defined in P3D Conf Builder. The result of the configuration is given as a photorealistic real-time 3D display.

The graphic interface and the ergonomics of P3D Conf Explorer can be adapted to produce a custom-built application. P3D Conf Explorer can be driven by a separate configuration application capable of constructing the multi-criterion description of an assembly.

Light your clients’ enthusiasm by offering them an attractive, interactive product presentation
Allow your users to explore your products in their finest detail.

P3D Conf Explorer offers navigation flexibility identical to that of Patchwork3D: you are free to set up the navigation of your real-time 3D application so that it is highly user-friendly.

You have the possibility with P3D Conf Explorer of defining navigation constraints specific to your 3D scene: camera movement simulating the movement of the head, zoom in and out, 360° movement around the model, simulation of a collision, visibility constraint above the ground, etc.

Give your clients the freedom to navigate among an infinite range of product variations
P3D Conf Explorer is the ideal tool for presenting all of your ranges of products to your consumers.

With P3D Conf Explorer users can independently discover the ranges of variations of products as a function of their stylistic preferences, the qualitative level of the product range, the optional functionalities, the choice of the finishing details, etc.

Select the types of user interface that are the most suited to the presentation of your products
Your clients will be able to scroll through your products with only one finger.

The advent of new supports and communication media has made the use of interactive interfaces widespread. User-friendly navigation on touch devices is now familiar to the average user, who is nomadic, autonomous and also an informed Internet user.

P3D Conf Explorer allows you to share the richness of your 3D databases irrespective of the type of user interface. You can thus develop your real-time 3D application on interactive terminals, touchscreens, web supports, etc.

• Interactive real-time 3D rendering
• Many possible commercial applications
• Multi-IHM running
• Adapted to all types of user interfaces

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Lumiscaphe P3D CONF EXPLORER V5.2

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