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Planar Clarity Matrix 3D
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Planar’s Clarity™ Matrix 3D LCD video wall is designed for professional 3D visualization environments seeking a large format, flicker-free, thin profile, stereoscopic display.     Online:
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Planar’s Clarity™ Matrix 3D LCD video wall is designed for professional 3D visualization environments seeking a large format, flicker-free, thin profile, stereoscopic display. The Clarity Matrix 3D adds a new dimension to the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall family utilizing its unique design with an ultra-shallow install depth of only 3.6”/93mm, integrated mounting system, and off-board electronics and power supplies to create exceptional 3D visualization.

The Clarity Matrix cutting edge ultra-narrow bezel LCD’s technology is combined with a 3D optical system and passive glass that when tiled together enable viewing and analysis of 3D images across the entire video wall. This approach to 3D visualization provides a more comfortable viewing experience versus active glasses solutions. Other benefits to passive glasses include lighter weight, no batteries are required, and they are less expensive than active solutions. This unique design also incorporates off-board power supply and electronic components which reduces the weight, heat load, noise, depth, and points of failure at the LCD video wall extending the lifetime and reducing the cost of ownership.

The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System makes the most of LCD technology, including slim profile and vibrant visual performance while achieving perfect alignment, simplified service and extended operation.

The Clarity Matrix 3D utilizes micro-polarizing optics on the Surface of the LCD to provide constant 3D visualization to each eye. This is done by polarizing the light from each horizontal row of pixels matching the polarization of the left and right eye in passive 3D glasses. The left eye only sees every other horizontal row of pixels, the right eye sees the remaining rows of pixels and the brain combines each eyes view to create a single high resolution image.

Passive Glasses
This approach to 3D is preferred over active shutter glasses because passive glasses create less fatigue and eye strain when viewing 3D images. The Clarity Matrix 3D also maintains great brightness and contrast that LCD technology provides. The circular polarized passive glasses used with the Matrix 3D are less expensive, lighter weight, and don't require batteries.

Wide Viewing angles
Clarity Matrix 3D offers wide viewing angles, which allows for multiple users to maintain acceptable stereo contrast over varying viewing angles. Having a wide viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, ensures a more comfortable and superior viewing experience.

2D or 3D
The Clarity Matrix 3D can also display conventional 2D images maintaining the capability of a multi-purpose, high resolution video wall display. The Matrix 3D is compatible with numerous graphics cards and 3D visualization software tools in various applications such as:
• Data Visualization
• Molecular Modeling
• Engineering Design
• 3D production Review
• Oil and Gas Exploration
• Simulation and Training

Key Features and Benefits:
• Flicker-Free Stereoscopic Visualization
• Ultra-Thin Profile (3.6" Installed Depth)
• Outstanding Brightness and High-contrast
• 24x7 Operation and Simplified Maintenance
• Spectacular 2D and 3D viewing experience with zero compromise
• EasyAxisTM mounting system simplifies the task of installing and perfectly aligning LCD modules while allowing for efficient servicing
• Quad Controller Module and Power Supply Module drive the video wall and facilitate uninterrupted operation
• Configuration, management and processing software simplifies set-up and management of the video wall accommodating a range of image processing solutions
• One price, one complete video wall system

LCD Video Wall for Professional 3D Applications
Planar's Clarity™ Matrix 3D LCD video wall is designed for professional 3D visualization environments seeking a large format, thin profile, stereoscopic display. The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System is the ultra-narrow bezel LCD video wall family that provides outstanding tiled visual performance and requires minimal installation space.

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Planar Clarity Matrix 3D

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec Clarity Matrix LX46-L 3D Clarity Matrix MX46-L 3D
Screen Diagonal
Brightness Max
2D: 300 Nits 3D: 120 Nits
2D: 460 Nits 3D: 185 Nits
Stereo Viewing Angle
Horizontal: +/- 40° Vertical: +/- 17°
Stereo Technology
3D Micro-polarizer Optical System
Stereo Glasses
Passive Glass Circular Polarized
Power consumption
290 Watts per panel (Max)
350 Watts per panel (Max)
Operating Temperature Range
5 - 35° C
Operating Humidity
20-90% RH Non-condensing
Mounting System
EasyAxis™ Mounting System Included
Off-Board ARChitecture
Clarity Matrix Quad Controller Electronics and Power Supply
Safety regulations
FCC Class A, EN55022/CISPR22, ICES-003, CNS 13438, EN55024, EN60950, RoHS
Width x Height
40.4” x 22.8” / 1025.7 x 579.8 mm
Depth w/ Mount
3.6” / 93 mm
Tiled Image to Image Gap
7.3 mm
52 lbs / 24 kg
58 lbs / 26 kg
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Model USD
Planar Clarity Matrix LX46-L 3D Price on
Planar Clarity Matrix MX46-L 3D Price on
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