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VMSENS Motion Tracking Software
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The VMSENS provides End-to-End software support the motion tracking devices development by the company, the VMSENS software package is to ensure fast evaluation and usage of VMSENS motion tracking products.     Online:
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VMSENS Motion Tracking Software
The VMSENS provides End-to-End software support the motion tracking devices development by the company, the VMSENS software package is to ensure fast evaluation and usage of VMSENS motion tracking products.

VMSENS Software development Tools
The COM-Object API and DLL API interface (For windows platform)

COM-Object is advance interface provided by VMSENS to the customers, by using the COM-Object, user can reuse most of the VMSENS code, so they can focuses on their own programs and reduce their work load.

By using the COM-Object, The VMSENS product can integrate with Matlab、LabVIEW、Excel seamlessly, and provide extendibility for your programs.

The DLL API by VMSENS is for small applications, developers can finish their applications quickly by using this interface, and the DLL API is also well accepted by most programmers.

VMSENS Low Level Communication Lib (For embedded systems) (optional)

VMSENS provided low-level C libraries for embedded developments to ease the development procedure on embedded systems.

VMSENS SDK sample code
The VMSENS provide sample code of the development ways mentioned above, by reading the sample code and comments, unprofessional developers can developer the motion applications in a few minutes time.

VMSENS Explorer
The VMSENS Explorer is graphical interfaced software to be used with the VMSENS motion and attitude measuring products, by using the VMSENS Explorer, user’s can get ,save and view the real-time attitude data with ease, also the data is shown via multiple graphical component to the user’s of VMSENS products.

By using the VMSENS Explorer, the parameters for the VMSENS attitude sensor devices can be set with ease , it also provide a tool to calibrate the soft iron and hard iron influences.

The VMSENS Explorer has the following functions:
The tracking and display of a 3D object.

By visualized display of 3D data, user can view the motion and attitude more straight forward.

Artificial horizon showing inclination angles.
By using the artificial horizon on air-vehicles, the user can view the inclination of the object measured, including the roll angle and the pitch angle.

The Compass displays the direction data
As magnetic sensors are used, the VMSENS motion and attitude measuring devices are able to output the heading, by viewing the compass, the user can be aware of the magnetic heading direction by visual, as well as the angle between and object and the earth magnetic field.

Visualized motion and sensor data plotting
By plotting the output data, user can get away for the tedious work analyzing the data and can view the graphically represented attitude and sensor data by a glance.

The motion related parameter settings
For different motion type and different measuring conditions, VMSENS Explorer can set the algorithm related parameter; users can input the parameters and get the most accurate measurement results for a specific scenario.

Data export
The VMSENS Explorer also support the data export, to ease the procedure of exporting data to other analyzing software, the data can be exported as text data which can be imported by Excel and Matlab and so on.

Data logging and replaying
For more sophisticated analyze of the motion tracking data, the VMSENS Explorer provided the data logging and replaying function, by inputting the logged data file, VMSENS Explorer can replay the motion of the target logged.

The magnetic calibrating tool
By using the magnetic calibration tool, users can measure motion and attitude with magnetic materials nearby, data is collected when the product is rotated every orientation, and the VMSENS calibration program calculates the calibration parameters afterwards, the calibration will solve soft-iron and hard-iron problems and the parameters are saved to the device configuration flash.'

iMT Package
The inertial Motion Tracking Package(iMT)is a collection of functions used in the inertial measuring field by the VMSENS, by exploring the iMT, users can find useful functions needed in the motion and attitude measuring field, also user can integrate these function componets into their own systems quickly.

iMT is not only a collection of showing software functions , it is also a modular software components collection, by using the components, unprofessional developers can assemble the needed motion and attitude measuring and analyzing software just like playing with the toy-bricks.

The iMT components are strictly tests, and are for the user demand, the long term test are to ensure your software quality, to minimize the uncertainty of the customer development procedure , to shorten the user time-to-market, and are for you to lead your opponent in market.

The iMT has functions covering most of the customer needs in the industrial motion and attitude measuring field, and are for the customer’s need, it include:

The G- balance
In practical use, the measuring of acceleration is often needed, but the acceleration is also influenced by the G force, so the result might not be accurate, the 9DOF orientation data can be used to sense the inclination of the objects and the influence of the G can be isolated.

The dynamical acceleration graphical display
It is for the display of acceleration graphically, and the inspector can view the changes in accelerations by looking at the bar-graphs, The IMTP acceleration display components can display accelerations with/without the G value.

Dynamical inclination and directional angle measurement
The inclination and directional angle measurements can important in practical use, to ease the procedure of integrate for customers, the IMPT provide a component to display inclination and directional angles, especially in dynamical conditions, which it is not enough to use a inclinometer, the IMPT component can display the inclination and directional angles in dynamical scenarios.

Detecting abnormal motion or vibration
Vibration monitoring has become especially important in every data, to detect abnormal conditions in equipments; VMSENS not only used accelerometers, but also introduced gyroscopes and attitude information, so the reliability is more than the systems using accelerometers only. The abnormal detection can not only be used in the industrial equipments, but can also be used on vehicles, air-vehicles and also equipments under water.

3D objects virtual display (robot arm, gears, vehicle…)
3D virtual object display can provide a more straight forward way for the customers to view the object’s movement in reality, the iMTP 3D display component can ease the procedure of rendering a 3D model, by change the 3D model, user can view the 3D movement of their object.

VR virtual reality displays, virtual reality,argument reality are more and more popular, these new application can put the operator into the actual working environment.

Largely used in virtual reality, training simulations, emulation and industrial equipments.

The HMI interact interface (For PC)
To break through the 2D machine interact, VMSENS provide a new way to interact with machines, users can interact with machines in the 3D space, which is more imaginative.

Parameter setting
For different motion type and different measuring conditions, VMSENS Explorer can set the algorithm related parameter; users can input the parameters and can get the most accurate measuring results for a specific scenario.

VMSENS Motion Tracker Network Manager

MotionBox Studio

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VMSENS Motion Tracking Software

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