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3rdTech SceneVision™-3D Visualization and Analysis Software
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SceneVision-3D is the first tool for 3D scan data designed for both first-time and expert users. It combines intuitive navigation and button controls and interactive performance with a broad range of viewing, modeling, and analysis functions.     Online:
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3rdTech SceneVision™-3D Visualization and Analysis Software
The Industry's most-advanced, easiest-to-use, crime scene reconstruction software for 3D laser scanners from 3rdTech, FARO, and Z+F. Includes tools for viewing, processing, measuring, analyzing, and presenting 3D scan data and 2D photographic data.

SceneVision-3D is the easy-to-use tool that unleashes the information in 3D Laser Scan data.

Simple yet Powerful
SceneVision-3D is the first tool for 3D scan data designed for both first-time and expert users. It combines intuitive navigation and button controls and interactive performance with a broad range of viewing, modeling, and analysis functions. In just minutes you'll be looking at scanned scene data, making measurements, and building computer graphics models.

Multiple Visualizations
3D scanned data can be displayed in many forms - each with its special utility or insight.
SceneVision provides a wealth of visualization possibilities - 2D projections of the 3D laser scan, laser data with color added, 3D models as Shaded graphics, wire frames, point clouds, or 3D outlines produced by SceneVision measurement and annotation functions..

Scan and Color Alignment
Capturing a complete scene or object often requires scanning from more than one location - in order to see both sides of an object or part of a Surface 'behind' another object. SceneVision provides functions to quickly and easily 'align' these scans to produce a single model from multiple scans. And no additional 'targets' must be added to the scene.

A similar alignment is used to insert high-resolution, close-up photos in 3D computer graphics models for applications ranging from museum displays to blood spatter analysis.

Measurements and Annotations
SceneVision is much more than a tool for viewing data and building models. It provides simple, fast measurement functions for finding the distance between any points in a scan, perpendicular distances, angle measurements, and intersections of lines and Surfaces. You can also create schematics of rooms, with accurate measurements, quickly and easily, with SceneVision-3D's Wall Wizard.

You can also mark points and objects in a room, or save a particular viewpoint. You can add notes to any of your annotations, and attach documents, photos, or web sites for additional information.

SceneVision goes one step further by offering application-specific analysis functions. The first is a blood spatter analysis tool. Working with high-resolution photos of blood spatter embedded in the 3D model, you can produce calculated blood spatter trajectories and view them within the scene. SceneVision-3D will even import the calculations from BackTrack software and display the results, visually, in the model.

SceneVision-3D Visualizations of DeltaSphere 3D Laser Scanner Data
• Range Data - Provides a view of every data point in a single 3D laser scan. Distance measurements can be made between any two points.
• Color Range Data - The same properties as range data, but with high quality digital photographs providing the color at every point.
• Color 3D Models - Produced from one or more color range data files, color 3D models provides the most realistic view of a scanned scene. You can look at the data from any viewpoint, and it provides all the measurement capabilities of range data.

These images show some of SceneVision's 3D model display modes - as a wireframe (triangle mesh), a set of individual points, and a Shaded, texture-mapped model with back-facing triangles on in the left image and off in the right image. The two images below show measure lines drawn in the data and with the data not displayed.

Draw & Measure in SceneVision-3D Software
What can you do with SceneVision?

• Identify Landmark Points in a scene.
• Draw measure lines between any two points - on the same scan or aligned scans - in 3D.
• Draw perpendicular lines between any point and any flat Surface in the scene.
• Create a viewpoint representing a person at the scene. Interactively demonstrate exactly • what was visible from that viewpoint.
• Create planes fit to floors, walls, and other flat Surfaces.
• Overlay a measurement grid.
• Create a 'footprint' of a room, complete with measurements of every edge.
• Intersect planes to find edges.
• Produce room diagrams, ready for export to CAD programs, from scan data.

hi-Resolution Textures
3rdTech has developed software tools that combine the high-speed model creation of a 3D laser scanner, with the photo-realism required for analysis of the close-up photos taken at crime scenes, for depiction of artwork at a museum, or for models for film, video, and video games. 3rdTech has consistently been the leader in combining high-quality, real-world texture maps with scanned data. Now, these new capabilities enable high-resolution, 'close-up', digital photos to be used as textures with standard scanned geometry. The results are greater realism and the ability to 'zoom in' on scenes with incredible fidelity. It also enables the real-world measurement of objects in the close-up photos

The pairs of images below show three views of a model created with the DeltaSphere-3000 scanner. Each scene is rendered with textures on the left, and as a textured 'wire frame' model on the right.

You should notice the realistic textures in the couch, chair and floor, and the lighting around the windows and elsewhere. In addition, several parts of the scene - the poster, the painting, and part of the sheet music on the piano, were textured with close-up digital photos correctly transformed and mapped to the geometry. The result is unparalleled realism - even when you zoom in on the painting for a close up look.

The same technique can be used with crime scene data. Now close-up photographs can be added to the geometry of the scene for 3D analysis, measurement, and presentation.

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3rdTech SceneVision™-3D Visualization and Analysis Software

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec 3rdTech SceneVision™-3D Visualization and Analysis Software
View Scan data - DeltaSphere, FARO Focus3D, Z+F, Riegl, Polhemus
Image data - TIF, JPG, other standard formats
Model data - VRML models as points, wireframe, Shaded, textured
Text, HTML, or any standard format files including audio and video - for annotations
'Drag and Drop' implemented for all supported data types
Align Multiple scans - to combine into one model
Images with scans - to create high-resolution color models
Model Produce 3D models from all or parts of one or multiple scans
Intelligent model simplification reduces the data size while maintaining the realism
Model editing functions
Full color or laser intensity
Insert high-resolution textures for 3D close-ups
Draw and Measure Distances - point to point, point to plane, perpendiculars
Create planes - for measurements and intersections
Angles - plane to plane, plane to line, line to line
Intersections - between planes, lines and planes
Contours - intersect planes with the model
Edges and outlines - create sketches of rooms and objects
Link drawings - so they move as a group
Automatic Wall Wizard - produce a schematic of a room, with measurements, in minutes
Annotate Landmark points to highlight locations
Photo 'hot spots' - link photos to locations in the scene
Add labels to any annotation
Save viewpoints as 'bookmarks' for easily returning to a particular view and for creating 'fly throughs'
Create and display viewpoints which correspond to the view of a particular observer at the scene. Show what the observer could see.
Automatically create and display the camera location that corresponds to any photo taken with the DeltaSphere's calibrated camera.
Analyze Blood spatter analysis
Create and display 'paths' through the model
Present Save a view of any data type (2D or 3D) as an image for use in documents or presentations.
Provide a complete scene, or part of a scene, to anyone for viewing with the free SceneVision-3D Viewer.
SceneVision-3D System Requirements PC/Laptop with Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium 4 or later
512Mb memory (1Gb - 8Gb recommended)
3D graphics card by NVIDIA or ATI
Large disk space for data storage
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