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Vicon Nexus is the first Life Science-specific motion capture software on the market. No other package makes it this easy to perform daily routine tasks while also offering complete customization and flexibility to suit your specific needs.     Online:
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Vicon Nexus
Vicon Nexus is the first Life Science-specific motion capture software on the market. No other package makes it this easy to perform daily routine tasks while also offering complete customization and flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Nexus 1.8 Free Upgrade Coming Soon!
With the upcoming release of Nexus 1.8, we've made Vicon Nexus even easier and more intelligent so you can focus more on your reseARCh and less on your software. Nexus 1.8 will add support for Bonita Video and Dynamic Video Calibration, large file support and increased 3rd party integration. Check out the key features and benefits below to learn more.


Nexus saves you time by offering unprecedented levels of usability. The interface guides you through all Stages of preparation, acquisition and review. The days of seARChing in obscure menus for the functionality you need have gone; Nexus has the buttons, menus and controls where you expect to find them. Nexus has been designed according to modern user interface principles, so you’ll have fun exploring and using the attractive interface.

Nexus is real time to its core so that you can view all data in real time, all the time. If you add a camera to your system, no need to tell Nexus - it will tell you. The Health Monitors unique to Nexus, inform you if something unexpected has occurred in real time. After a long day’s capture, you won’t get unexpected surprises with Nexus and you can check the quality of your data as it is being measured.

Nexus offers support for the Bonita Video camera, which was developed from the ground up for clinical gait analysis research. Bonita Video acheives full frame synchronization up to 350Hz from a single point of connection for both power and data. Spend less time setting up your system and more time on reseARCh thanks to the all new one step Dynamic Video and Optical Calibration process. You can overlay 3D information on the video image, such as the force plate ground reaction force vector or the calculated 3D marker position.

Another great thing about Nexus is you can make it work the way you do – pretty much everything can be changed to suit your needs. Protocol Builder enables you to create your own wizard-based workflows to simplify the use of Nexus even further and perform common tasks step by step.

Nexus 1.8 Features

Bonita Video has been designed from the ground up for our Nexus users. Launching with three new cameras, the Bonita Video range includes the 720, available in color or monochrome, with a fully synchronized frame rate of 120Hz capturing every detail in HD resolution. The monochrome 480m will capture high speed movement with an impressive frame rate of 350fps.

Your video and optical data can now be calibrated simultaneously with Vicon's new Dynamic Video Calibration process using the Vicon Active Wand. Only available with Nexus 1.8, Dynamic Video Calibration gives you unparalleled accuracy using your optical system and Bonita Video or BASLer reference video cameras.

Large files giving you problems? Not anymore. Nexus lets you split a large file and pick exactly which portion you would like to work with. Not only that, but you can now chose whether you would like to work with 2D files, 3D files or both. No more struggling with large files crashing or being overloaded with data.

Want Dynamic Video Calibration, but happy with your existing BASLer cameras? Nexus 1.8 and the Vicon Active Wand is fully compatible with current Basler cameras, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Dynamic Video Calibration without upgrading your system. We also updated the BASLer code, improving the performance and reliability of the cameras when they are running with Nexus 1.8.

Integration of the Ergoneers Dikablis Eye Tracking Solution delivers first-class, highly accurate data. The Dikablis system offers an easy, lightweight, reliable and flexible eye-tracking solution. Accurately track and calculate head position and 3D Gaze Vector in any environment and watch how the vector interacts with objects in your Vicon workspace!

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Vicon Nexus Software

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